Settling for Less in Print

Words are beautiful but they need rules

This is about typos and publishing. How many typos did you find in the last print book you read? What about the newspaper? Compare that to web publications, blogs included? Do you see a trend? I can remember when finding a typo in a published book was rare. I wish they were still rare. These days I usually find at least one in each book I read. Often they are obvious typos not just something spell check software could catch but something a human proofreader would have (or should have) noticed and fixed. On the web there have always been … Continue…

Fingernails are Creepy

creepy fingernails

Fingernails look creepy to me, especially when they get long and yellow looking. I even think of my own fingernails as more like an animal’s claws, sometimes. I guess they are, really, in a practical sense. What do you think about fingernails? Have you ever written about them? Think of a story featuring fingernails, are they creepy, claws or just ordinary (maybe painted with nail polish)?

International Typewriter Day (June 23rd)


Tuesday, June 23, the anniversary date of the U.S. patent filed by Christopher Latham Sholes and company for an “Improvement in type-writing machines” which is a good enough reason to throw a type-party at the midpoint of the year. Source: Welcome to the Typosphere: International Typewriter Day 2015

Stranded on an Alien Spaceship for Life

stargate universe

Along on an alien spaceship, headed to the other end of the universe (an unknown) and all the time of your life ahead of you. Forget being stranded on a deserted island… what would you miss from planet Earth, stranded on an alien spaceship for the rest of your life? Source: Unsolved Mysteries: 15 TV Cliffhangers – Rotten Tomatoes Stargate Universe started out so well. I wish they had kept it going (with the alien ship which seemed to have a personality and mind of its own for at least awhile). Then the show got complicated with people jumping around from … Continue…

What is #ACanadianThing ?

Canadian spelling

How many people use their regional spelling on their sites? That is a Canadian thing for me. I’ve had to (or been expected to) adapt my spelling for other sites and schools. I never like doing so. I prefer to keep Canadian spelling, to promote and maintain my culture, history and communication rules. It’s all English (unless your site isn’t in English, of course) but there are small differences in spelling for each country. #ACanadianThing Source: #ACanadianThing hashtag on Twitter