A 5-Step Plan to Become Seriously Influential Online

This post about building authority online is good for beginning bloggers but also those who have burnt out and want to try again. Do try again. Don’t expect instant success. Step 1: Narrow your focus. Step 2: Stop reading just blog posts. Step 3: Write authoritative articles. Answer specific questions. Quote other authorities in your industry. Don’t be afraid to take a contrarian view. Use stats and detailed case studies to add substance. Repeat your ideas. Step 4: Build an Audience. Step 5: Build a Fan Club. Real authorities solve their audience’s problems. Consistently. Repeatedly. That’s why people listen to … Continue…

Could you Try Guerilla Art?

Guerilla art, also referred to as “street art”, is a method of art making where the artist leaves anonymous art pieces in public places. It is often an installation in an unauthorized location. It is a way for an artist to express their views and opinions to a large audience in an anonymous way. In contrast to popular belief, guerilla art does not have to be done with spray paint. Other popular forms include videos and projections. There is no one motivation for making guerilla art. However, popular reasons include statement making, the sharing of ideas, the desire to send … Continue…

Pen Pal Painting Exchange


Pen Pal Painting Exchange began as a fun side-project from the creators of The Sketchbook Project and has taken on a life of its own. Our mission is connecting creative people from across the globe in a new way, making friends of strangers, and giving people a good reason to just go ahead and paint something. Source: Pen Pal Painting Exchange

The Culture of the Diary


If you’ve never kept a diary, try it for one week. Write a note to yourself every day and see how it goes. If you already keep a diary give it an update or think of something unusual to write about. What haven’t you confessed to the clean, white pages? What are you holding back, even there? From Samuel Pepys to Bridget Jones, the private journal combines the mundane with the confessional. Lucy Scholes reveals why the diary still fascinates readers. Source: BBC – Culture – Anne Frank and the cult of the diary

When and where would you die in a Zombie apocalypse?


Just for fun, of course. But, aren’t your curious to find out…? By analyzing your Facebook profile and combining it with your location, we can estimate your life expectancy as well as your final location during a Zombie apocalypse. Source: When and where would you die in a Zombie apocalypse? Now that you’ve got the details, fill in the blanks, tell the rest of your zombie apocalypse story. I only have 29 days to write about. My ex-husband posted the Zombie Apocalypse link to Facebook. He survived over nine months, that’s a book-length story to tell.