Content Shock

Let’s fast forward one more time to 2014 and look at the two factors that impact the economics of content marketing — the amount of content available and the amount of content consumed (supply and demand). Of course the volume of free content is exploding at a ridiculous rate. Depending on what study you read, […]

Working in a Library at a University

I like looking at job requirements in the communications industry. This one was posted for a university in Ontario, a non-student position. Requirements: •Grade 12 diploma •Recent college or university graduate (asset) •One, up to two years, in a related public-service position; •Demonstrated proficiency in typing and in the use of a computer; •Ability to […]

Ghost Writer Fades to Black

You just can’t ghost write your way into being a thought leader. via Content Used to Be King. Now It’s the Joker.  | Blog. This is an excellent quote and describes how I have been feeling about the blogging/ web writing and publishing I have been doing for the past year. I’ve listened to […]

Life Is…

This was part of a quiz. Which would you answer, take some time to think about it. Hard to choose between life is an adventure and life is a journey, for me. I think the tie breaker is that the journey sounds more like work than an adventure which is full of opportunity, new things […]

Move Words Around Like Pieces of a Puzzle

4. Move words, sentences, paragraphs around the page like pieces of a puzzle. The beauty of writing on a computer is that you can move words and groups of words effortlessly. Just reminding yourself of that tends to make it easier to find your writing flow. If you get your mind set that the words […]

Bloated Self Importance on Video

Each time I see someone with a video post I think of all the people who can’t or won’t be watching it. Video posts are for people with money to burn. In the US the Internet is cheaper. In places like Canada, Europe and the rest of the world, the story is different. I pay […]