Is Vox Better than WordPress and Blogger?

I originally wrote this in 2006. Vox is still around. I never did much with my account there but have kept it. I wish I had a plan for another blog to run with Vox. I don’t see it happening soon.

Have a look, take a spin around this free weblog host and decide for yourself. It’s from Six Apart, known for Movable Type. Is Vox their way of competing with WordPress and Blogger?

Vox is a network like OKCupid, including boards, quizzes and personal avatars. One of the interesting features of Vox is Collections, like a scrapbook on the side. It’s simple make changes and add the newest features. There are a LOT of templates to choose from. I selected the Toronto cityscape.

I joined Vox to look around. Whatever your opinion it really does compare well with other free blog hosts I’ve reviewed. I don’t need another blog but I want to be involved wtih this network and the feeling of community which is building here. I’m going to stick around.

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