Temporarily Offline

I am changing my sites from WordPress to Joomla. All my sites will be down while I teach myself how to use Joomla and then load up my content again. Luckily, after much exploration and a little frustration, I did find a way to migrate content from WordPress to Joomla. Fairly reliable and not a huge mess of things to clean up afterwards. DIY, open source, and free.

I was making new starter pages but, until I have the bigger part of the site ready the starter pages are taking time that would be better spent on getting something more done. So I am leaving this sort of generic page here while I get to work on the rest of it.

I can't estimate a timeline because I get easily sidetracked and distracted, especially when I'm learning something and need patience. I'm impatient with myself, curious and contrary by nature. There are also so many guides and people telling you what you should do and all those things pile up into a mountain of "should-do's". It all takes some sorting out to decide what really matters. A lot of it doesn't matter in the least!

But, I will get my sites done. There is so much I want to write and post!

I'm available on Twitter and you can see my other interests at LauraBrown.ca