A Plan to Stop Mentally Attacking Yourself

From Living Alone and Loving It: A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life by Barbara Feldon:

Try to understand the underlying causes of mentally attacking yourself.

Practice looking at each negative issue from different angles and list several different ways of viewing it. For example, if you are obsessing about being rejected, list those people in your life who welcome and accept you.

How about making a list of things you say to yourself when you do sit down to write and acknowledging why each of them are untrue and just your way of attacking yourself or giving yourself an excuse not to write. For each negative thing you attack yourself with come up with the truth and write it all down. You know you can write. You know you can finish that book, article, blog post, etc, if you stick with it. You know you can submit your work to editors and publishers. You can, if you stop letting that negative voice take so much power away from you. Write it down, defend yourself from yourself.

I think you could also take the issue of not having the time to write and make a list of things you could put off until tomorrow in order to have time to write today. Barbara Feldon’s plan works well once you put it into practice for yourself.

This was another book I found at the second hand book store. They are such great places for picking up self-help books. I don’t feel guilty for spending a few dollars on them and if I just get one or two good points out of them I’ve done well. I’m especially interested in self help geared to under achievers, procrastinators, self sabotagers  and other such problems that keep people from writing and getting published.

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  1. This post is very timely as I’ve been struggling with exactly this issue. It is so easy to fall into the rut of listening and believing those negative voices, and I find it freezes me in place, making it next to impossible to accomplish or finish anything. It is true what they say – we are our own worst enemies.

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