About 9 Rules

Is there any real benefit to joining 9 Rules? I think blog networks are interesting but, looking at their site I see a LOT of the blogs in the network are suffering post rot. In the For Women category none of the blogs have posts since July. Pretty sad looking and not great for promoting 9 Rules as a network. So, other than being part of a clique, is there any good reason to join?

I guess it brings traffic but for a personal blog like this getting traffic is just a way to amuse myself.

2 thoughts on “About 9 Rules”

  1. Umm..so we are just here for your amusement..
    Well, I for one refuse to say anything ever again that may amuse you.In fact, if I was just a bit brighter, I would probably be offended by your remarks. Whatever they were..
    Plus I don’t really get the 9 rules site. Seems kind of snooty to me..

  2. You’re assuming we think you’re amusing. 😛

    I just said getting traffic and blog rankings was to amuse myself. I read your blog just to keep you in good company. Plus, all those home repair and cooking tips.

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