An ISSN Number for your Blog?

CaptureSource: ISSN Canada – Library and Archives Canada

ISSN for Weblogs – Joe Clark at – The ISSN for electronic media

Would you get an ISSN number? I’m thinking I won’t. I just don’t post a lot of long articles. I see some sites which are very in depth about their topic and I can see an ISSN being good in that case. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “An ISSN Number for your Blog?”

    1. From what I read, mainly you would be indexed in library archives and your content would be part of the system in that way.

      There were other things written about but, that’s what it seemed to be about to me. Kind of nice if you wonder what will ever happen to all your content once you are gone. I do and yet… other than a few people who know me, I don’t know if anyone would care to read it.

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