And They Say Sex Sells…

Do you write sex scenes or erotica? I have written both and an adult column (weekly). I’m ok with it and can live with the fact. But, I don’t like anyone I actually know to read any of the slutty stuff I’ve written. It embarrasses me. Kind of silly maybe, kind of back to that nice grrl thing. My Mother wasn’t best pleased when she found out about it several years ago either.

I don’t mind if strangers read it. What do I care when I don’t have to face them over breakfast, at family weddings and all that sort of stuff. It is going to be weird to have family ask to read the book I’m beginning to write for Harlequin. There are going to be sex scenes. I’m good at writing them and I like the element of male submission in them. So… I can’t hope they will skip the sex scenes in the book. I do. I’m the only person I know who skips over the parts where people are having sex. I find it boring. I don’t take the word boring lightly.

How do you feel about sex scenes, reading them or writing them yourself?

One thought on “And They Say Sex Sells…”

  1. I love writing sex scenes, and I do it very well (no one in my writers’ group writes or reads romance or erotica, but they’re always raring to go when I bring something in and I’ve never been accused of being gratuitous).

    I don’t get to write them often enough, though, because of the genres I am in. Darn. 🙂

    In the beginning, I would have been embarrassed to have someone in my family read a sex scene of mine, but now it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not sure why… maybe because I’m so proud of how I craft my stories to where everything in it should indeed be there… maybe because I’m older now and I see sex for what it should be–an emotional experience, one of the most transcendental things we as human beings do together (not flower petals opening up and such, but real) and that’s how I write them…who knows. I think that how any writer feels about this subject has to do with many personal factors, like experiences and environment. And that everyone is different.

    The only sex scenes I don’t like to read have to do with abuse, or shock value on the part of the writer. And, of course, bad writing period. Sex or no sex–who wants to read something from someone who can’t turn a phrase?

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