Are Our Standards Slipping?

We were out for dinner the other night. It was just ok. I thought of how many times we have eaten out and it has been just ok. Yet we still eat out and still don’t find it anything special. I love a club sandwich, but I could make it at home myself. (Even though I really dislike cooking bacon and getting splashed by it). Even fried food like fish and chips we could do at home if we really wanted good fish and chips.

Maybe our standards are slipping too far. Shouldn’t we be going out to a movie or dinner and expecting it to be great? If not, what is the point of going and paying for it. Why are we satisfied with something that is just ok or not really all that good?

If they serve frozen vegetables I could have done that at home myself, and paid a lot less! If the coffee tastes like dishwater why are you still drinking it?  If they serve a frozen pie or some other dessert I could have defrosted myself why am I paying as much for a slice as I could for the whole pie? I’m tired of paying for overcooked vegetables I’d likely use for compost if I were at home. I’m tired of paying $50 for a meal (for two) I’d describe as less than average.

Write about the last meal you ate out, other than fast food. Was it great? Were you amazed by the level of skill in preparing and cooking the meal? Were you satisfied at the cost of the meal versus the value of the food you ate? Did you eat something you wanted to get the recipe for? Did anything melt in your mouth, other than an ice cube? Or did something actually taste off/ funny/ bad?  They may not be able to do much about a fly buzzing around your table but they can certainly serve you good food, if not delicious food, if not the “best thing you ever ate” food.

6 thoughts on “Are Our Standards Slipping?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s like every chain restaurant is using the same frozen Sysco foods. That’s why we prefer to go to smaller family owned restaurants. Our last meal out was at this fantastic little Mexican Restaurant we love called Carmelita’s, in Fair Oaks, CA . Homemade beans and rice etc. I’m fairly sure that everything they make even possibly the tortilla chips are homemade.

    Just a quick bacon note… I cook mine in the oven on a cookie sheet so as not to make a mess, get splattered myself and besides it’s quicker! Sometimes I like to sprinkle a little brown sugar on thick bacon beforehand. It is sooo yummy and tastes extra delicious crumbled in a salad.

  2. Wouldn’t bacon be a big mess in the oven? I’ve done it in the microwave, at least in there it’s a smaller area to clean. My favourite thing with bacon is a western sandwich or a club sandwich, almost forgot the club. I love having breakfast out, but it has to be a decent coffee.

    That Mexican restaurant sounds great. I think there are fewer and fewer places like that where things are done well. I only know of a couple in the town where I live.

  3. Ah, but your confused about why you go out to eat. It’s not for the great food–unless you live in Europe. It’s for the friendship. Remember the book Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak? (you buy a car not for transportation but lots of other esoteric reasons).

    So I carefully suggest, maybe it’s your dinner companions?

    Or maybe not It might be the food. Where do you eat?

  4. I love my food. If I go somewhere that’s just ok I typically would try somewhere new before returning. I only visit a place regularly that really does it for me.

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