Are you Sure your Site is Readable?

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I found a link to this post on another site. I went to the source to read more… However, it is almost unreadable.

I actually did not even try to skim this. Yes, I am no longer reading with the eyeballs of a 20 year old. A site should be readable for anyone, of any type of vision. (Blind people use technology to read on the web so they may find it easier to read this post than I have).

For me trying to read this post is a chore.

If you hope to get your ideas read make them easy to read – readable. Even if it seems a bit too far for you, it may be just what someone else needs. You already know what you wrote but someone else is starting from scratch.

2 thoughts on “Are you Sure your Site is Readable?”

  1. Yeah. No joke. I ‘ve got my contacts and reading glasses on and I still find myself hitting Ctrl+ over and over–and I sometimes I still can’t read it. Tiny, grey lettering is not readable. When I started using giant, black lettering, it was sort of uncomforatable at first, but I feel like it shouldn’t be such a struggle to read. I’ve gotten used it now and I expect it. I’m finding that readability has lately become something a lot of sites are paying attention to. (Thank goodness!)

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