The Best Blogs are on Their Way to Being Something Else

“Definitions are boundaries, and boundaries are anathema to Webloggers. Moreover, the best Weblogs are always shifting and evolving, always on their way to being something else.”   – Julia Keller of the Chicago Tribune

via blogs by women.

I really like this quote. My friend, Deanna, says I change things too much and too often. Mostly she says I make the mistake of not leaving a connection between what I’m doing and what I have done.

I do like to end things and not leave something hanging around, a loose end, once I’ve made a decision and moved on. In publishing, especially online, that is likely a mistake. But, I probably won’t change. What I can do is backtrack afterwards and put in a link. Not as good, maybe not that smart, but… you can’t be everyone’s version of perfection.

Change is good. Scary at times. Challenging too. I like to think of change as evolving and not just change for the sake of change or because I’ve gotten into a routine and don’t like it. (I don’t like routines, yet I am very good at making plans).