Celebrate your own Milestones

4. Celebrate your own milestones. Defining your own success will be your best bet. Don’t start comparing numbers and statistics. Just concentrate on WHO you want to connect with, and make sure you’re connecting with them.We are all better off with a hundred readers who are really engaged with us than a thousand who couldn’t care less. That’s why it is best to create a blog you love first.So, concentrate on creating milestones within your control. For example, “Create a ‘100 List’ on my blog.” Or “Create my first series on X topic, with five blog posts at a minimum.” Or maybe “Find the best looking blog theme within my budget of X.” Or, “Print X amount of blog posts into a hard copy book.”These are things that you can control. Not the number of readers or comments your blog has. Hopefully, if you’re doing the right thing, then those other things will follow too.

Source: The Case for Non-Niche Blogging — Life, Inspired

We compare ourselves to others far too much and not so well (for ourselves). I know I don’t stop and give myself credit very often. Or, when I do, I make it fast and shove it aside to make way for other things I haven’t done yet. That’s sad. We don’t really take the time to feel accomplished. If you look backwards you can see a trail of accomplishments you’ve left behind you, mostly forgotten.

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