Creative Technologists

Creative Technologists are a new type of breed. The Creative Geek (or “Creek” for short) has a very unique and mixed profile. It’s a profile where the left side of the brain meets the right side. Creeks are logical, rational, analytical and objective which are all qualities coming from their technical background and left side of the brain while equally they are random, intuitive, synthesizing and subjective which are all qualities coming from the right side and creative side of the brain. They have this unique blend that looks at the parts as well at the wholes.

Quoted from post on Wunderman: The Creative Technologist, a new role in an agency near you. (I found this quoted on Everyone’s a Genius originally).

I went looking for more:

Would you call yourself a creative technologist? I think it’s a pretty great term to add to your writing resume for any web writers. We do have some of each world. That kind of experience and knowledge should count for something, even if we are not experts on the technological side.

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