Do You Have a Favourite Word?

Have you heard of Wordnik? It’s an online dictionary which I read about on WebWorkerDaily.I like the look of the site, it’s a clean, fresh design. Better yet, I tested it with some odd words and it passed, had them all listed. It did not give a perfectly clear description for each but it was always interesting. In most cases I got back more than I expected with various results which they link to.

I joined the site and created my own profile.  The profile included a spot for you to add your favourite word and your least favourite word. Since I’m one of those who seldom over thinks anything (that’s another way of saying impulsive) I spent about a minute thinking and came up with:

Favourite word: caramel

Least favourite word: restricted

What would you pick as your favourite and least favorite words?

4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Favourite Word?

  1. That is an incredibly hard question! And one I have never thought about. If I go by the definition, they I would have to say “leisure” is my favorite, and “drama” is my east favorite, but my initial thought was what is my favorite word in terms how it sounds to my ear, but then I stumped myself by not being able to come up with an answer, so I will be boring and stick with the purist answer!

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