What Happens When your Software Stops Being Supported?

Capturevia – SlideShowPro.

This site for SlideShowPro brings up the issue of support and time. It’s not so much an issue with free plugins, themes and software. Though we miss them and wish we could have stuck with what was working for us, you don’t get promises of forever for free.

What about the software you pay for?

It’s no wonder developers offer support in time blocks, like a year for whatever price they set. But, as someone who pays for (premium) software (themes and plugins included) I don’t want to pay for one year and then be cut off. I want the forever package. Even though it isn’t literally possible.

So, how long do you expect software to be supported?

If a developer offers support “forever” or for a “lifetime” what does that mean in a practical and real sense? What happens in the case of SlideShowPro where people paid and expected the software to be supported and available for as long as they wanted or needed it?

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