Hear me Croak and Squeak on Live Radio, May 28th

On May 28th I will be on BlogTalkRadio with Bev Walton-Porter on her podcast/ online radio show called Elemental Musings.

What am I most worried about? My voice. I’m not sure how my voice actually sounds. People tell me it is nice, sometimes. I’ve been told everything from I have a nasal tone (what does that actually mean?) to I have a very soft and sexy voice. True, the last came from a boyfriend, but I prefer it over the nasal thing. Also, my voice sometimes seizes up and gets tight and strung out when I get tense. At times it disappears for the odd word here and there. If I can keep my voice from sounding like someone has just stepped on my foot or pulled out my nose hairs, I think I will be ok.

I can usually come up with something to talk about. I might write down a few things if I get worried about that as the day draws near. I’d like to talk about writing and success and what success is and how we feel we are lacking in success and the boldness to do more about it for ourselves. That’s my boat and I’m tired of such a sinking ship.

Anyway, online radio will be interesting. I have a lot to learn!

Want to hear the podcast? This is a link to it on BlogTalkRadio: Elemental Musings.

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