If you Were a Fruit…

Today I am at the Job Finding Club. I may even find a job. The question of stupid questions came up. Some people say there are no stupid questions. Others, like myself,  think there are abundant stupid questions and wonder how it is that we keep hearing them. As an example of a stupid question…

If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

I’d be a fungus cause it covers more ground. It isn’t very pretty or popular but nothing really kills off a fungus for long. Like cockroaches, fungus will be around forever.  In time fungus conquers all. You’ve got a few spores on you right now.

What kind of fruit would you be and why? Think of this as your stupid interview question of the day.

2 thoughts on “If you Were a Fruit…”

  1. Of course there are stupid questions. If it is an ice-breaker, something to relax the mood, ok, but otherwise, it is stupid.

    Stupid questions help prospective employees weed out stupid employers.

    My two favourite stupid questions I was asked were:

    “Would you be willing to take a laptop with you on vacation?”


    “Would you be willing to do something unethical to get a job done?”

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