Roughly two years ago I decided to stop using WordPress for my websites. I've written about that elsewhere so I won't start all that again now. In that time I've decided to use Joomla and I've been learning, cursing, figuring out how to do just that. I had help along the way, a lot from Tim, the Joomla Man, Davis.

Word Grrls has been more or less offline since 2018. I had been getting to the stretching point on burning out. So, it has taken longer to get my site back up again. Also, I may never move all the old posts over from the old site. I have found a way that works, but leaves image files a mess. At that point, when I would have to go back and fix broken image links, I began to wonder if it was worthwhile having all that old content. Some of it is good. Some of it is outdated, or not all that interesting, or just something I posted because I was sticking to a posting schedule and needed something to post. I don't think I did that too often. Usually, I had posting ideas saved for times I needed them. Or, I could post several ahead, using the posting schedule. That helped.

I think the best plan is to take some of my old posts and refresh them while not relying on them. This way I can give myself a fresh start, again. I've been writing this site for writers, word enthusiasts, and creative people since 1998, in one format or another. I began on Blogger. It evolved into an email list and then a newsletter, called InkSplatters. Then I wrote for an online network, HerPlanet and my site was HerCorner. It's all gone now. I wrote for other sites and somwhere along the way I bought the domain for Word Grrls was something popular at the time, now I doubt anyone hears it and knows what it is. So, I picked something that turned out to be a fad. But, I wouldn't like most of the other names I can think of either, so it's a name and at least has some history tagging along with it.

This is my post for today. Just finished (unless I catch something else) setting up the site again and fixing all the little details.

If you were ever here before, Welcome Back. Welcome, in general.