I used to post daily. That is a grinding schedule to keep at times. But, it is good too. If you can do it, you find your writing stamina and discipline.

One important thing to have - a list or some kind of collection of ideas.

I get ideas while making coffee, taking the bus, often at not the best times to write them down. A lot of ideas are lost. But, if you can write them down on some scrappy bit of paper and then add them to a collection you keep. It can be online. If you have a website running on a CMS (content management system/ software) you can start a post about your idea and just leave it unpublished. This also lets you sort them as an idea folder and within that folder you can sort them by topic. Or by date, if that works better for you. Figure it out with some trial and error. On a site you can shuffle posts around and they won't get lost like little pieces of paper you scribbled on while you were still wet from the shower.

You might go a little grand and make a folder, a physical file or portfolio, of ideas. This gives you the added option to decorate it. You can create your own blank zine and fill it with your ideas, all written in longhand. Keep up your penmanship!

There is a likely some kind of application (app) on your mobile phone. I don't use mobile/ cell phones so I don't have more to add about that.

What other formats could you use? If you consider where you are or what you are doing when you get your ideas, that would be something to consider. I keep pen and paper in the TV room so I can jot down anything that comes along when I'm out there. You never know when a commercial might spark something.