Writing has always been easy... just sit at your keyboard, pick up your pen, your inkwell, your rock... and make some marks on a sort of flat, mostly blank surface. I think the rock would be harder, but we have changed so much since the days of living outdoors and running from animals trying to eat us. Writing is even easier now.

Except it isn't. Write a grocery list. Where do you start? What do you need, what can you afford? How will you organize it? What are you forgetting?... It seemed easy enough. Do we over complicate it? Possibly. After all, you just need to get food to prevent hunger. It's not like you need to plan a banquet for thousands every week. If something gets missed you can go to the store, order it delivered or just do without. There are ways to figure things out. This is, after all, the modern world.

Writing is and is not easy. It depends on what you are writing and you yourself. I'm a perfectionist, a quiet, polite, Canadian with grand illusions of world domination. I keep most of that to myself. It is a lot to live up to. If people knew they might expect me to follow through a lot more or have me analyzed and make me talk about myself. I only talk about myself when I'm typing and mostly having a converstion with myself. Like now.

I have had this site for many years. I put it in mothballs for awhile. I have a habit of burying myself in too many projects and ides which are not all sustainable. Once I am thoroughly overwhelmed I burn out. It happnes every few years. I recover, eventually. First, I decide what to keep. Well, no, first I spend a little time feeling depressed, doubting myself and all of that fun (not fun) stuff. But, when I do start getting back on track, I think about what sustains me and what do I really want to do.

Notice, I. That is an important word for someone who feels responsible for helping everyone on the planet. So, it has to be about me. What I need and what I want and what I can actually do. Understand that what I can do includes what I can learn. Otherwise I'd be pretty limited. I like learning. It is not easy but it can be done. Like writing, you have to get through the frustration, the doubts and the learning processes. As you may have noticed learning and writing are never done, they continue all your life. If you are lucky, and at least a little determined.

 Welcome to my site, for writers and other creative people.


My main site is at Laura Brown.ca.