Modern Blogging is too Limited

Modern bloggers are limited by caring too much about other stuff – Google, SEO, readers who might or might not come back, advertising, and so many other business and marketing related things. Since blogging became a business and a marketing scheme, it has limited itself. Blogging stopped being really creative, innovative and inventive. It lost that loving feeling.

When did you last feel excited about your site? The day you started it? Over the holidays when you added some Christmas images? When you took that week off and came back to it?

We should be feeling excited, happy or at least interested in our sites all the time. Modern blogging has taken that away. If you blog to make Google happy, to make your readers happy, or to perform marketing tricks, when do you blog to make yourself happy? Don’t start telling me you blog to make money – it’s your business. If you really believe that why are you here? Go away. Yes, go, leave… now.

Creative blogging is about doing something you can love, enjoy, value beyond dollars and cents.

What do you really want from a blog? When you got the idea did you visualize something fabulous, in full colour, a showcase for yourself, your ideas and your path to fame and popularity as a celebrity of your own making!

Sure you did. I don’t know anyone who didn’t start a blog with the idea of becoming a web celebrity, even if they didn’t (and would never) tell anyone else or admit it to even their best friend and most trusted brother or sister. At one time people were calling themselves a web or Internet personality. It was a way of saying they were someone other people knew online. Setting yourself up as a celebrity tempts people to pop your bubble. So, the best way to be a web personality is to just do it and not talk about how famous, well connected and popular you are. Just be and let the chips fall where they will.

These days the blogging celebrities seem to be people who tell us they are celebrities – they tell us how to make money and market our blogs/ sites. Most of them, if you do the fact checking, have not had a site for a full year. Maybe they have an attitude, a way of writing, which people listen to. That does not mean they know what they are talking about. It does not mean you should listen to them and believe all they say or do anything they tell you to do.

Blog your own way. Be creative. Be inventive. Discover your own way to blog and be happy with it. Have fun. Creative something you really like rather than something you feel obligated to work towards.

You can be a happy blogger. Just stop caring about what what everyone else is doing.

2 thoughts on “Modern Blogging is too Limited”

  1. I definitely agree when you talked about needing to feel excited about your blog all the time, or that you should be, because that’s SO important you know? If you don’t love it, you’ll stop, it won’t feel right, it’ll lose it’s spark and just become nothing.

    Yet, I also disagree.. (slumps shoulders) I know there are a lot of bloggers who will talk about how to do something, or how to do something else, and it’s because there’s a demand, and if people want to hear it, people want to share it. I know I personally don’t work on the same level as those who charge for the information, but I do teach people how to make Google work better for them, how to achieve more in terms of return followers and the like, but I do it because I’m passionate about and want to help people.

    I’ve struck a balance between helping others, and loving my blog everyday – it’s rare, but it’s possible, and I do think there are many people that can do it too. Loving your blog and what content you create is majorly important though, you’re so right Laura! 🙂

    1. Too many of the people giving advice about how to blog are not really experienced enough to know what works. They just repeat the same information they have read. Everyone ends up following the same information and thinking that’s what will work. But, what really matters is real information, creativity and freshness.

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