NaComLeavMo–National Comment Leaving Month (the national refers to wherever you are reading) from May 25th to June 25th. A full month of intense comment leaving. Leave 5 comments a day and return one comment a day for the month.

Was a nice plan. I just found it too late to join up. But left a comment on the post and she wrote back. Tomorrow she is taking votes on whether it should start again this coming month. Leave your comments too, if you’d like to get in on NaComLeavMo. I will.

5 thoughts on “NaComLeavMo”

  1. hi.. just followed you here from Robin’s blog. Those fancy horse steps are called dressage – sometimes done to music – like dancing. wonderful to watch.


  2. Thank you Sombra. I knew the word, but could not remember it. Great to watch them. I think it must take huge patience to train them to do all those fancy steps.

  3. An excellent idea. It’s so easy just to lurk, when all you need to do is add a few words to show appreciation, agreement or disagreement. I think at times people are frightened off by the great “Great post!” complaint, but occasionally it’s better than nothing!

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