Night Time Typing

It’s funny how you can be in the same room with someone, both of you on the Internet, and not speak to each other. I’ve had the same thing happen when I was working as a technical support person. Each time we went for a break the table would be full of people all talking or texting on their cell phones. All but myself, sitting there feeling kind of odd as everyone was talking but no one was talking to me.

Write a scenario where one person feels alone due to technology and yet they are not actually alone at all.

What comes to mind for myself are the evenings after my husband came home from work, after dinner and the clean up. We would both sit at our computers in the same room. He would have his back to me so he could watch TV and not be sitting at the window. I could see his back but I was facing the outside window. We did talk some what. But, I’d be typing away and look up at the dark, night time sky and suddenly feel a bit lonely. Mostly, I would feel how odd it was to be in a small apartment with someone I was close to and yet be kind of alone in the world, separated by technology rather than time or space.

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