No Reply At All

One more small thing that annoys me… people who put out an email asking me a question (like why I’m not using their network/ service) and then use a as an email address.

Do you see the problem with this? Have you experienced this yourself? Doesn’t this feel like an irritating sales call you’d be happy to hang up on?

Please, if you are asking someone to give you a response, let them give you a response. Or, just don’t ask in the first place!

Today I had a reminder email from an online service which offers to store your computer files on the web (basically). I had to register on the site in order to find out more about it. (I would have rejected it right there but it was a link a friend had sent me). I could not see any real use for the service, plus they wanted me to download software in order to use the service. I didn’t want to download anything. I don’t know what it is they are having me download or understand the need for a download to use an online service. That was a week ago.

Today the reminder email came. They told me what they can do for me and gave me another link to the download for their software. I began to send a reply email, telling them I don’t have a need for their service, then I noticed the address my reply would be sent to: So my time sending them an email would be wasted. They don’t want to hear anything from me, just get me to download their stuff.

Would you trust them at this point? Pretty one way relationship they are setting up, I give and they take. Would you trust your files to a company that works this way? I’d explain to them why I have set their email address into my spam file, but… why bother?

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