Genie Lottery

The genie pops out of his bottle and it turns out this one is a bored trickster type. Instead of giving you three wishes he offers to let you put bits of paper into a hat, all things you would like to change about your life. He will randomly pick three things out of the hat and you will get your wishes. But, you have to write at least 10 things you would change about your life. What are your ten?

First Word Heard

A baby has been kept in a sound-proof bubble for six months cause surgery was needed to correct a hearing problem. So, until now, the baby has never heard a sound outside it’s Mother’s womb. Today is the day the baby will be able to hear for the first time. What should be the very first word the baby hears?

Being Run Off Your Feet

A relative visits, they are endlessly demanding you serve them food, fetch them stuff and make you feel you are something like an indentured servant. As soon as you do one thing they are giving a list of there more things they need, right now. For the first time you understand the saying about being run off your feet.

How do you get rid of them and dispose of the body?

Invisible Imaginary Horse

Weird Aunt Milly gives you an imaginary horse for your birthday. You humour her. But in the morning there is a horse eating your front lawn. Only you are able to see the horse. Everyone you ask just gives you looks, like you’re crazy or playing a trick on them.

Now you know how Aunt Milly picked up the name Weird Aunt Milly.

What does your horse look like? What do you do with it now that you have an invisible horse of your very own?

Designer Camouflage

Lucky you… you’re in the Army now. But you’ve been hired as the new fashion designer. Suddenly they want all the uniforms revamped and given some style. You can pick any colours, no restrictions but they do ask that you remember there has to be at least one uniform they can wear into battle which gives them camouflage. Of course, they don’t mention what or where they need the camouflage? It occurs to you that camouflage would be different things in different places.

Come up with a design for camouflage uniforms which can be worn in the train or subway station, another in the middle of a busy shopping centre and yet another at a bridal or baby shower.

Costume Designer and Seamstress Desired

You’re dancing and singing up a storm in the Cabaret. People, mainly men who come to drool over you, flock to see your shows. But, your costume designer is suddenly barefoot and pregnant and she abandons you to the limelight.

Not a disaster… how hard can it be to string together some beads and flashy fabric? Well, turns out it wasn’t all that easy. Where do you look for a new costume designer and seamstress (in one person) who can make extravagant, elegant and somewhat slutty new costumes as well as fix the old ones you keep wearing out?

Super Villain Grrl Takes Over

The Mother Ship has finally landed. Celebrations are breaking out all over the planet and everyone is gathering up their essentials and other not so necessary stuff to take off for the Mother Planet. There are posters and blog posts going up all around the world and everyone is patting each other on the back and hugging and even kissing in pure joy.

Oddly enough, no one is questioning this whole Mother Ship and Mother Planet concept. It’s as if everyone on the planet was brainwashed all at once. Don’t they remember we never came from any other place?

What dastardly plot is this and how can you, as Super Villain Grrl, fit this in to your diabolical plot to take over the world? Also, kind of a problem if everyone leave the planet to you and there aren’t any minions to do your bidding. Definitely spoils the whole world domination thing.

Grab Your Smut

We all have those deep, dark smutty scenes in our head. Things that turn us on but not something we really want to experience in reality. Often it’s too dangerous or risky or even too violent to consider the reality. But, just for yourself, just for this one day… write at least a paragraph where you are in that scene. Whether it’s too dirty, too raunchy or just too boring to admit to… write your smut and then delete the evidence (or keep it, live dangerously).

How Amazing Does Your Shampoo Smell?

You’re agent calls, you got that shampoo ad cause they thought you have such great hair. It is pretty great if you say so yourself… long, silky and shiny. The night before you are due to pose for the commercial you get a basket delivered from the shampoo company. It’s full of great smelling shampoo and conditioners. Which do you pick to try first, something floral, fruity or maybe that vanilla scented one you see poking out from the cinnamon one. Or you could always mix the shampoo and conditioner to have more than just one amazing scent on your great hair.