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I’ve moderated a lot of forums and chats. I never feel personally responsible for maintaining freedom of speech. If I delete, I delete without looking back or being obligated to give a lengthy explanation.

I like the word moderator for the people who run a forum (or chat, etc.). Moderation is what it is all about: letting people talk, make their points but not letting it go overboard. For me that is any comment that becomes a personal attack versus something constructive. I don’t require everyone to agree with me or the topic under discussion. I like having someone with a different opinion and other ideas. You can build or re-build your own ideas from a view opposing your own. However, when people lose themselves in the discussion and make it about personal attacks, that is when moderation is needed. All things, but in moderation.

Could I be a professional forum moderator? I don’t know. It might take more patience and even tempered-ness than I really have each and every day.

Forum Moderators –

is an integral resource for webmasters and forum administrators. You can find professionally trained, assessed and registered forum moderators for your network or we can assess and register your volunteers. Our aim is to protect your network and your brands integrity.

Professional forum moderators are growing in demand as companies discover the need for community content management.

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The Moderator Community –

Our mission is to serve community managers, moderators and experts interested in sharing and learning from each other. We aim for an environment of exchange, collaboration and learning among peers – community enthusiasts with similar interests.

The Moderators Homepage – Directory of resources. (Some may be old, clicker beware).

The Community Roundtable – a private peer network for community managers and social media practitioners.

OCM Forum – for online community managers.

The new term for forum moderators may be social media managers or community managers. But, a forum moderator to me is a specific job in social media and online communities. A forum may include a live chat like a podcast and Twitter. However, a forum does not cover all social media or all types of online communities. I don’t think a forum moderator would be writing a newsletter for instance. If that is the case, then that person has been taking on extra work and should be given an upgrade to their job title. Moderating a forum, helping it to grow and keeping it lively is a big enough job for one person, in an active forum.

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