Reconnect by Getting Hands On

When did you last write something out, by hand? Reconnect to your creativity by getting more hands on again.

Pull yourself away from the computer and write long hand at a coffee shop. Or get paper and pen and draw something instead of writing a word.

Write in a journal, something personal and connect with yourself too.

2 thoughts on “Reconnect by Getting Hands On

  1. Try going one further… get a Fountain Pen, some nice ink, get writing, splash it around a bit, it feels great.

    And ink is cool, check out Shakespeare in Love if you don’t believe me. 🙂

  2. I had a fountain pen once. It was a lot of fun, messy, but I enjoyed writing with it. Mine had those plastic capsules you spear inside the pen. When I needed more I couldn’t find any. Now the pen is lost in the cosmos by now. But I will take a look for a new one next time I’m out at the department store. A new writing/ art project. I love finding something new to try or try again.

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