Blogger Auto Poster did not Work

This one did not work. Set up was not right some how. But, not a loss because I do have Open Live Writer which does work to post to all my Blogger Blogspot sites. Not an auto poster, but I can build a post, keep it in draft and then publish it to Blogger without opening another window to the Blogger blog/ site.

Do you do anything with old (or current) Blogger blogs?

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Crossposting from WordPress to Blogger

I’m not a great coder (by far) but… I’d like to work on a plugin which would let me crosspost WordPress posts over to Blogger. Not full posts and not every post automatically, just summaries of selected posts to specific Blogger sites I have. I know part of the reason I want this is just because I don’t like seeing Blogger slowly fade away. That bugs me.

In the more practical sense, it would be a simple way of having links back to your posts. My idea is to have very tight niche blogs on Blogger and just direct the posts relevant to those niches over from my WordPress sites. I think it would work very well at directing traffic over and around.

I just have to find a plugin to do it. No luck so far – though I did find a new one to try today. I expect the end will be me trying to DIY. BloggerAPISource: Blogger API v3 | Blogger Developers Network

Blog This! – I’m Not Giving up on Blogger

blogthisBlog This! – Chrome Web Store.

Although it feels like no one from Google is behind the wheel at Blogger these days. I still love Blogger. I’d like to use it but it’s not easy. Blogger is under developed and fairly ignored.

I think it began with WordPress snobbery.

There was a time when people either used Blogger or WordPress. A lot of people were using Blogger. It was simple, basic and you didn’t need to know a lot about HTML, scripts, plugins or themes. If you wanted to – you could work with extra code, themes and add-ons for Blogger too. But, ideally it was for people who wanted a site up without the hurdles of doing it all themselves.

You would think that would be ideal for most people. It was, for a time. Then came along the WordPress snobs. People who thought Blogger wasn’t good enough because WordPress let you do more and was gaining in community support with even more extras, gadgets and gizmos.

Blogger fell behind. It could have kept going, in second place but still strong… only Google put it on a back burner and didn’t keep developing it. There was a very big update with adding new themes, flexibility with themes and a lot more layout options. But, that was years ago.

I noticed a new post about using Blogger with your own domain, making it easier. But, that doesn’t give people a reason to use Blogger. It needs updates, new community and fresh ideas.

Please almighty Google, don’t let Blogger die!

My Earliest Blog Post Date: April, 5th, 1998 (So Far)


Found this on the Wayback Machine today. I know I had other sites on Blogspot, Geocities, Tripod, Xoom, Angelfire and possibly other free hosting services but this is the oldest I have been able to track down so far. Nice to have the actual date. Glad I typed it in way back then. It seems much more important to me now than I would have thought then.

I know there was an older site on GeoCities. I began it when there were still communities and neighbourhoods. Wish I could remember the link for that one so I try finding it too.

Also, I deleted older sties on Blogspot and now I don’t remember what they would have been called either. One which I did happen to find has since been used by at least two other people. Which is only odd because Blogger/ Blogspot has said deleted sites would not be available for use again. But, it was – it would have been in demand.

Blogger Denies Access

Is anyone else getting weird login errors from their Blogger/ Blogspot accounts? I keep getting told I don’t have access and need to change accounts. But… I only have one account I use for my Blogger account. Kind of a stupid error.

I’ve only got one blog still on Blogger (this one used to be there). But I do update it now and then. So I don’t have an abandoned account.

Maybe it’s about the new thing with the domain changes for locations. Will see if they fix the problem.

Comment Scam

I’m glad we can edit comments left on the blog. I don’t remember being able to do that when I was using Blogger/ Blogspot. You could delete the comment or keep it.

Today I had a comment on an older post. It was a good post, in my own opinion. The commenter used my name and referred to the post, closely enough that it could be related to the topic or generic, depending on how you read it. I thought it was a sincere comment. I even posted it. Then I went to look at it on the post itself, outside of the editing screen.

That is when I noticed the period at the end of the last sentence contained a link to an acne treatment site. A hidden link. The funny thing is, I would have posted it (with the link even) if the link had been in the usual place rather than trying to make it a scam by hiding it. There was no link with the commenter’s name.

Anyway, I did not delete the comment. But I did go back and edit the link out. I decided to keep the comment. I will watch for other scam being made to look like a sincere comment.

The Women of Blogger

I wrote a post (Women of WordPress) with links to women involved with WordPress. After I posted it I thought I shouldn’t overlook (Google) Blogger and the women who work with Blogger.

From those making templates, writing guides for other users and generally promoting the Blogger community. Here is my list of the women who develop, create and promote Blogger/ Blogspot. Some I have had in my own bookmarks and others I found as I went looking for them.

If you know of a Blogger woman not on this list please let me know so I can update the list.

After spending time looking at resources for Blogger users I am surprised at how little there is still out there. Even the Google Blogger Buzz blog is kind of slow. I did find a Blogger Help Forum and Blogger on Twitter.

Mainly for my own interest, here is what I found of sites not created by Google. The Blogger community seems to be shrinking and has shrunk a lot in just a couple of years. Yet the software is still being used.

There are endless sites offering Blogger templates/ themes. Most are a bit disappointing, they are outdated or they really only give you a background image, not a template. I won’t list those, not today anyway. Never know what I may do now that it’s all on my mind. Poor Blogger. I’m really under whelmed by the content online for Blogger users.