WordPress Calendar Plugins

I wanted a holiday calendar. I did not find anything which really did what I wanted. (Just a simple way to keep track of holidays and all those odd international and national days for odd, but interesting and sometimes relevant, things). But, today I found a new list of reviews. Quite sure I have already looked at most of them, but there might be something new.

Chronosly looks good but it has a lot of features I don’t need and that could make it complicated to work with when I just want something simple.

I’d recommend The Events Calendar (Pro, or not) for most people who want a way to list or track events. The developers were quick to write back when I had a question when I tried the plugin earlier. It has good features and I might try it again. Last time it wasn’t quite right for me but I know it hasn’t been left to stagnate in the mean time.

Premium Calendar Plugins

  • Events Calendar Pro
  • Community Events
  • Facebook Events
  • Event Calendar WD
  • EventOn WordPress Event Calendar
  • Business Calendar – WordPress Internal Calendar
  • WordPress Pro Event Calendar
  • Sugar Event Calendar
  • StacheThemes Event Calendar

Free Calendar Plugins

  • Google Calendar Events
  • The Events Calendar
  • Chronosly Events Calendar
  • All-in-One Event Calendar
  • My Calendar

List via  wpmayor.com – Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress (2016).

The End Has Come and Gone

It’s ironic that they call it “She passed away” when someone has died. It’s not until the next week, the next month… that they really pass away, fall into the past.

It’s coming up to a month since Julie died. Today I heard that my cousin Jonathon died in December too, a week after Julie. Jonathon died on my birthday.

I’ve got a new calendar up, it started with January. December is gone. Julie and Jonathon are on the old calendar, the one I took down. At the end of your life you gradually become the past.

What are other terms people use to say someone has passed on? Do you find irony or some kind of dark humour in any of those, or something else you have heard?

Clever Lines

As quoted from Lincoln McCardle on Facebook:

“Your days are numbered!” said the inventor of the calendar, joyously announcing his accomplishment. At least the way I imagine it …

I love clever humour.

Can you come up with at least one clever line? Work with something simple like the calendar and numbered days but find a way to make it funny.

The pen is mightier than the sword, no one really thinks a guy with a pocket protector is actually going to attack them. – My try at it.