Use CAPTCHA and Word Verification to Make Art

6975320_f260Next time you’re stuck trying to read the lines of word verification (CAPTCHA) somewhere think of a way to turn those words into something funny. Add an illustration. Make the word verification part of a cartoon.

I’ve done it. I did cheat a bit. I refreshed a Blogger blog until I felt inspired by the word verification that came up. Then I cut and pasted the letters, added my own text and my own art. I used a simple graphic program, nothing fancy.

It’s not terribly funny, the CAPTCHA art I created. I’ve found much funnier and far more clever art created with word verification on various sites online. But, I did it myself. Sometimes that’s kind of nice in itself.


The CAPTCHA Protest

word verification

I’m not a big fan of CAPTCHA and/ or word verification. It annoys me frequently. Many times I have chosen not to leave a comment on a site rather than deal with their word verification. It’s like going to visit someone’s house and being attacked by their dog at the door. Makes you feel unwelcome.

However, it’s not just blog comments that require word verification and CAPTCHAs now. If you register for a site, or sign up for an account you get stuck with verifying you are human too. (That’s the original purpose of CAPTCHAs and word verification). Well, as a human, I find I’d like a machine that could read and type in the word verification for me – cause I’m tired of trying to prove I’m a human.

word verificationI doubt anyone is ever glad to see word verification. But, we have come to see it as the standard pest we are forced to deal with. That’s fine when it’s simple, easy enough to read and understand. But, some sites really want you to jump through hoops.

I’ve had some ask me to do math. I dislike math and avoid it when I can.

Another asked me to do word verification, TWICE!.

Some sites will ask you to register – I never (or very rarely) do this. Why register for a site you have only visited once and may never come back to read again? Meanwhile, you give them your email address and any other information they expect from you. They can now take that information and sell it. Registering for one site to leave one comment can leave you getting a lot of spam in your email.

Other sites stick you with word verification and even then they hold your comment back until someone moderates it and actually lets it post. That is a bit much. Pick one! Either moderate your comments or leave on the auto pilot. I’m a bit insulted at your laziness in moderating the comments to your blog. Be assured, I won’t be leaving another comment cause I probably won’t read your site after that.

The latest trend I’ve noticed is the double word. Two words in one word verification. Now, it would be some small help if the two words made sense together. You might be able to use them to figure out what you need to type in. But, they almost never do. They are two random squiggly words instead of just one.

The irony of people relying on word verification is that it stopped working awhile ago. Comment spammers and others who want to post junk on your site have found ways to do so. They can get past word verification. Some use newer technology and others pay real people (they hardly pay them in reality) to type in the CAPTCHAS so the spam computer can leave comment spam. So the whole thing is a lost cause.

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    “…that gave me the idea of telling every blogger what their word verification says. If they want to inflict the thing upon me I will give them updates about how it is working.”
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Alternatives to CAPTCHA


How do you tell computers and humans apart? In cases where we can’t see whether we are interacting with a real human or a computer, CAPTCHA is sometimes used to prevent comment spam.

CAPTCHArt : A blog for turning random CAPTHCA phrases/ letters into art.

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captcha comics
Comics Alliance: Captcha Codes Find True Meaning in CAPTCHArt Comics

One for the Ideas Folder

The problem with having a lot of ideas is finding the time to do them all well enough to bring your original ideas to life. I’d like to do web comics/ cartoons. Like this idea I doodled above. Before I’d post this as a web comic I would draw it again, better, maybe give it some colour too. But, I probably won’t get time until about 4:00AM tonight. So, instead, I am leaving the original drawing in my ideas folder. Something to be worked on at a later date and time.

Do you keep an ideas folder or is it one of those things you thought was a great idea but haven’t gotten around to actually doing yet?

WordPress Plugins for Web Comics

These are not in any real order and they are not reviewed by me. I’m just posting the results of my research into how to make a gallery of my own web comics through this blog on WordPress. None are just what I am looking for, so far. But, my list may be useful to someone else. So, here they are:

Manga + Press


ComicPress Manager


Web Comic


WP Comic

WP Cartoon

AWSOM Pixgallery

My Comic WordPress Plugin

WP Showroom

For more information and reviews of some of these plugins read WordPress as a Comic Publishing Platform.

Manga Journey has a post about How to Start a Web Comic.

Joel Fagin has web comic tutorials. (Link found as a resource on Fallen Kitten Productions).

Web Comic Beacon – “netcast is designed for webcomic lovers and novice creators. You could also think of this as a production for and by amateurs. We are here to share our opinions and experiences, as amateurs and webcomickers, for the love of the hobby first and foremost”.

The Web Comic Builder – “The purpose of this site is to provide information and advice on all aspects of the webcomic community; from designing you first character, to developing a kick-ass website, and what you should take with you when attending conventions.”

The Web Comic List – News posts and forum.