Planning for Your Future Self

I have memories of pure dread for the coming day. Something I didn’t do perfectly, something I put off, or something I did pretty badly and now… tomorrow would come, as tomorrow tends to do, and I would have to face everything. It is a hideous feeling as a child. It doesn’t get a lot better as an adult but, we can at least plan ahead better than our younger selves. At the very least, we have different options.

I learned to plan in order to avoid the looming dread of facing tomorrow. I’m not perfect at planning. I still procrastinate too. But, I keep working on it.

CopyBlogger is posting about planning for your future self. Making small changes to your habits now to avoid future problems.

How will things be for your Future Self?

When you’ve posted on your blog regularly for months?
When your savings account is nice and healthy?
When your regular workout habit has you feeling fit and strong?
When you’ve launched your side hustle?
When your novel is finished?
And of course, if you don’t get those habits in place — how disappointed, stressed, anxious, uncomfortable, or cranky will you be?