Your Monster in Your Haunted House

happy-halloweenCreate your own haunted house.

Plan the layout, the type of rooms, the design and colours. Write about the street appeal and what people see, hear, smell and sense from out on the street.

Then, create the monster living in the house, the surprise in the centre of the maze of rooms and storytelling. What happened to create this monster and what will happen in the future? Do things get better or worse for your monster in your haunted house?

Art from: ASCII

Creepy Poems After Halloween

Writers don’t get to be very seasonal. It’s snowing outside your window while you write about which sunblock to use. Everyone is out Christmas shopping and you take the time to finish up that story about the Easter bunny. We live with our calendars in two different hemispheres. So, writing some creepy poetry just after Halloween shouldn’t be a big challenge. Bring along some Halloween candy (of course the dear little children won’t miss a chocolate bar, or two). Halloween chocolate is a great mode of inspiration!

What’s your poison… poem? Mine is going to be short and bittersweet.

Night fell with the unknown hands of a clock.

Traffic piles up, buses are packed and sidewalks are rushed.

The darkness brings things that move, slippery and dangerous between the cracks.

Masses of people but none are awake, living in dreams and nightmares of their own making.

In the dark there is freedom, without blindness from mobile technology.

In the dark there are no rules, there are no law makers and no one keeps paperwork.

One dreamer falls off the sidewalk, between the concrete jungles. 

One dreamer wakes up in the darkness and can’t phone home.

There are no calling plans and roaming signals here. It’s too dark.


Source for inspiration and the image: Creepy Poems for Halloween | Flavorwire

You are in a Halloween Horror Movie…

This came from one of my nephew’s friends on Facebook.

You are in a horror movie on Halloween, the first ten people in your chat are: (No cheating!!)

Cries like a baby:
The one who trips while running in the woods:
First to go missing:
Murdered saving you:
Survives by faking death:
Has a solid survival plan nobody listens to:
Spends all the time looking for Twinkies:
Turns into a zombie:
Everyone suspects is the killer:
Is really the killer:

Think of peopel you have read or written (characters of your own creation) where would each fit on the options provided?

Halloween Fonts

I was looking at fonts for Halloween today. I like the new feature (new to me at least) that lets you type in your own text to try out the fonts. I used it on three I liked and then cut and pasted a banner from them. Nice way to get a banner without downloading or installing the font myself.

You can see the fonts and the sites I picked at Scoop.It: Halloween Creativity

Try the “I’m a Great Artist Spell” for NaNoWriMo

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (beginning November 1st) and Halloween (today as of this posting) I bring you…

I’m a Great Artist Spell from “How to Turn your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells” by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray.

For this spell you will need: some peppermint tea, a mirror, a scarf made of natural materials and a red lipstick or crayon.

When you really understand what magic is built on – the fact that all energy is connected – then any time you’d like a shot of inspiration, you can try this spell. The best time to cast this spell is at 7:00 in the morning or evening.

Make the peppermint tea and breathe in the aroma for a moment or two. Put all the items of enchantment on a flat surface in front of the mirror, and seat yourself in a relaxed position where you can see your reflection.

Drape the scarf around your shoulders. Take the lipstick or crayon and draw a large circle on the mirror while you recite these words:

The circle is cast, only the good can enter herein.

Now write the name of the great artist you’d like to connect with, in the middle of the circle, and write your name underneath the artist’s name. Then look directly into the mirror and recite these words:

I will learn the secrets of the soul I am one with the eternal universe I am connected with all greatness and genius.

Wicked Wishes from Witches

You see a Witch scrunched down at the side of the sidewalk. You only think of her as a Witch because of the way she is dressed, an exceptionally great costume – if this were Halloween. She is doing something odd with her fingers. For lack of a better word you would say she is hexing something. Interesting…

As you walk past she says your name. Your ears perk up and your skin prickles. When you stop and look back she is looking right up at you. It’s creepy.

However, you’re the curious sort so you stop and wait to see what she does or says next. She offers you one wish but it has to be wicked. No world peace or ending world hunger or any of that hogwash. What wicked wish would you make? Something the nice girl in you would find terrible and not even consider thinking let alone doing!

Colour the New Year

Traditional Christmas colours are red and green. Traditional colours for Halloween are orange and black. Traditional for Valentines day are red and pink. Most holidays have their colour scheme. What would the colours be for New Year’s Eve? Why would you pick those colours and does it depend on the kind of year it has been for you?

Especially Special Events

Do you know enough HTML code to change your site for the holidays? Try it! I know we are supposed to bow to the gods of branding but take a break from worshipping at Christmas time, Halloween, Valentines Day and other events. Even if it’s just for one day. Brighten up your site with a big red bow or a fresh banner in seasonal colours. Find something you can do even if all you can do is change the colours of your fonts to read and green. Keep your site readable but give it a holiday make over.