Working in a Library at a University

I like looking at job requirements in the communications industry. This one was posted for a university in Ontario, a non-student position.

•Grade 12 diploma
•Recent college or university graduate (asset)
•One, up to two years, in a related public-service position;
•Demonstrated proficiency in typing and in the use of a computer;
•Ability to deal with the public in a courteous and professional manner;
•Ability to work fluently, orally and in writing, in both official languages, French and English.

Job description:
This position exists to facilitate the circulation of materials, including their loan, return, shelving and stack maintenance.
•Participate in all circulation functions involving the serving of patrons at the circulation desk, such as charging and discharging library materials, assigning a due date to loaned items, returning loans, shelving materials, registering patrons and issuing replacement bar codes while maintaining confidentiality;
•Collect and record various fines and monies;
•Issue photo ID cards (new, reprint or lost cards);
•Assist library users;
•Perform search requests for missing books by verifying call numbers and inventory status;
•Ensure proper shelving of materials;
•Maintain shelving of books, locate miss-shelved material and shift or relocate material;
•Participate in seasonal or special projects such as inventory, weeding and security;
•Perform other duties directly related to this position as assigned.

How to Pick a Better Password

Pick a better password so you won’t have your online email and social media accounts taken over and used by spammers or hackers.

Pick a Pickled Password…

A password for your email account (and other accounts like social media, etc.) should be an unusual word or phrase which you can remember. In the middle of the word, or phrase, stick in a few numbers.

Don’t make it too complicated. You want something you won’t forget.

But, don’t make it too simple. A computer is going to try random words and numbers to try guessing your password. So you don’t want to use a word from the standard dictionary and you don’t want to use numbers like your date of birth or any ID you carry around with you.

Examples of Passwords


I’ve Deleted all my Post Tags

From the PaperQuick Etsy shop.

I’m sick of dealing with an endless, bottomless list of tags. Last month I wiped out my categories. I left a sensible, comprehensible list of six categories to act as an index. I kept the tags then. But, today I decided the tags had to go. They were a weight on my shoulders I could do without.

Once you begin using tags you are stuck trying to maintain them. Unless you are some super organized and efficient type, tags can get out of control easily. Just the decision to use ‘books’ versus ‘book’ will give you an extra tag. You can spend time sorting and merging your tags. But, do you want to? I did try to get the tags sorted and under control, to make sense of them on two different occasions. I started out today thinking I’d do it a third time. Then that nice, shiny delete button caught my eye.

Now they’re gone. This is a tagless blog and it feels liberating! Free!


Graveyard Posies

Graveyard posies
Graveyard posies

In a cemetery: “Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own grave.” Found in a local print newsletter this week.

Have you ever taken flowers from a cemetery? I have. Shocking? It isn’t really. Plastic flowers blow around and end up being dumped into the trash. They can’t be recycled unless someone comes along and reuses them. I did find it hard to sort through and pick out flowers that were still in good shape. I used to have new flowers once a month in a vase on my kitchen table, most or all of them from local cemeteries.

Do you think that was wrong or was it just thrifty recycling?

What’s Your Name?

What would you change your name to if you could rename yourself? Think about it. This will be your name when you’re 80 or older. It will be the name future generations will know you by when the only thing they still know about you is your name. It will be the name on your ID. That same ID you have to show to the nice officer at spot checks or worse if you get into trouble. It will be the name your child introduces you with, to their teacher and later to their future inlaws. A name has to cover a lot of ground and at the same time be very personal.

ID Card Madness

You have to wear an ID badge for your new job. But, you are allowed to decorate it any way you like as long as it doesn’t cross the line for the professional atmosphere at work (no adult content or gum) and your ID (name, number and photo) have to be visible (otherwise you won’t be allowed past security on your next day at work). How far do you go on decorating and what ideas come to mind to make your ID card stand out from the pack?