Run Your Own Country

NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It’s really up to you. Inspired by the novel: Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

The Feminist Test – Housewife

You scored 33% Gender-Abolitionist, 40% Sexually Liberal, and 0 % Socialist

You are the housewife feminist. You aren’t very philosophical or political, but rather personal and practical. Housewife feminists feel there is no need to drastically restructure society or government in order to help women. You tend to feel that individuals can make their own lives better, and restructuring society is either pointless or too extreme to achieve these goals. You are also a very moral type of person, and tend to see the plight of women through a moral lens, not wanting to oppress others in woman’s attempt to relieve their oppression. You also tend to see men and women as being very different from each other, and certainly not as equals. Some housewife feminists will even see women as superior to men because they have better qualities, such as more compassion. Normally, you would probably be classified as the “Cultural” feminist, because you emphasize the differences between men and women, tend to lack political motivation, and are not concerned with sexual liberation. I have called this position the housewife feminist, however, because someone in this category could easily be confused with a ’50s housewife–simple, non-political, accepting gender roles, holding traditional moral values, and having little sexual liberation. However, it is important to note that this does not mean the housewife feminist isn’t concerned with the women’s movement. Rather, they are concerned for women as individuals and see the radical philosophies of other feminists as impractical or misguided. You resemble a ’50s housewife on the surface, but beneath the exterior beats the heart of a true feminist.

So Quiet This Weekend

Kind of spooky. Like I wandered into one of those end of the world movies. Everyone has been evaporated from the planet but me. I’m left to wander around, which is pretty ok with me, alone going anywhere I please. Imagine all the stuff you could do. Banks and such wouldn’t matter, if your first thoughts went to amassing cash. Everything would be free for the taking. Haul away as much stuff as you can carry. I’d gather food, canned and jarred stuff like pickles (I especially love dill pickles). Then I’d pick out a place I really want to live, maybe two even. One in the city and one in the middle of nowhere, by the water.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found you were the last person left on the planet? Possibly there are others but it could take you a lifetime (or a great amount of luck or skil) to find them.

I think it would be fun. Eventually I would miss having someone to talk to, I guess. I could always get a lot of blow up dolls from some adult store and have instant company. They’d be really quiet and not much help but at least they’d keep out of my way and not want to share any of my supplies.

I think I’d miss things like radio, TV and the Internet more than I’d miss having actual real people, physically there. They say you would go crazy being alone for a long time. I wonder… Even if I did go crazy I doubt I’d actually notice a huge difference in myself. I already talk to myself. I already talk to inanimate objects. There are times when I answer myself in these conversations. So, really, how would I know I was crazy? Maybe I’d imagine someone and they could tell me.

You never know…

For now, I’m missing Skye. Did she try to sneak away from her blog? Doesn’t she know about the blogging contract? How silly of her not to read the fine print. 😉

Dragged Out: My Oldest Post

RainyPete mentioned reading the old posts from old blogs. My oldest post was from a column I wrote at another site. So, here it is:

An IRC Diva
Friday August 03, 2001

Ok, here is my confession… I was an IRC diva. Please don’t hate me because I baited trolls and flirted way too shamelessly. I was a confused virgin, out to explore the world of sex and other adult situations. It was fun until I started wondering whether I was really the user or the usee. I’m still not sure. Its one of those snakey tail in mouth questions, it has no end and no beginning.

Think you recognize my nickname, SheDragon? I still think I was the first but I know of three others. If you check ICQ members for SheDragon there are way more than three. Still, I’m the first and I did just about everything naughty and promiscuous on IRC. What, you may ask.

It started with just chatting, nice girl, polite chat. I met a guy who was the channel hot stuff and I liked that. I now know I like the man in charge, the one with the power. Back then I was a nice girl without a clue. As I watched the standard flirting that goes on I began to want that kind of freedom. The ability to completely let go of all your restrictions while remaining faceless and unknown behind a computer screen. It was such a rush! I became a bad girl, surprised the heck out of all the people in that channel who thought they knew me.

From there I had my heart completely broken once. It never happened to me again. I wised up and understood the give and take a lot better. In general women on IRC are looking for a Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet and put them on a gilded pinnacle. The men are looking for someone with big boobs and a nice ass to meet them (anywhere close) for sex of any kind. They prefer younger meat but if she’s really female, born that way they don’t mind a few flaws. Not too many though! A guys got to have some standards.

Am I picking on men? No, I’m picking on men and women and feeling a little sorry for both. I don’t feel self righteous about it, just a little wiser for my experiences. I’m not going to write about just how low down I sunk, it involved a certain IRC channel which no longer exists. I did play in a Truth or Dare channel and chat regularly in a BDSM channel but those aren’t the best of the worst. Still, I wouldn’t redo it or undo it. Experiences give life flavour, the good ones are wonderful but the less than good ones make you appreciate what you have and how you’ve earned it.

Long Letter Ladies

    Long Letter Ladies (archived)

For women who like to write and read long pen pal letters. Sorted into age groups, not a new site/ group.

Welcome to Long Letter Ladies. This is a resource designed with the long letter lady in mind. Do you love long letters? Do people comment about how chatty you are? Do you often find yourself needing extra postage to send that bulky envelope in the mail? Do you type your letters because it is impossible for you to write without getting a hand cramp? Well if so, you are probably a long letter lady.

You’ve come to the right place! This page was designed exclusively for you – the adult long letter ladies. Sorry but no men are allowed and will be banished from the guestbooks. Usually women on these pages are married and are not seeking male penpals. It is truly nothing personal.

This site was designed originally in 1997 and has changed only in its appearance and not in its intent. It is still meant to bring together ladies from all over the world who have one thing in common: They love long letters. If you are seeking penpals, post an ad or come back often to see new penpal listings.