Passwords are on Crack

If passwords need to be this complex they have gone beyond any point of usefulness to human beings. Can anyone remember something like this? Just writing it out would be a chore. This would be a password I cut and paste into a text file and leave on my computer desktop so I could find it easily and cut and paste it in whenever I need to login. Is it still useful as a password if I have it right there, easily found? Isn’t that just a digital version of keeping the key under the doormat?

By the time I actually did set up a new password for the WordPress site (I didn’t use this one) I had forgotten the reason I was logging in. So, after all that botheration, I didn’t need it anyway.

Blog Security

Procrastinating Writers wrote about being hacked and so could you… but wouldn’t you rather avoid getting into that situation?


Be prepared by having a back up of your content. Keep your files, blog posts, comments and images in a back up so you can easily get everything back online whether you are hacked, have content lost on your web server for some other reason or an error while upgrading blog software.

Use preventive measures by keeping your software (blog software, plugins, applications and etc) updated and manage your passwords. Use strong passwords, don’t share them with others and change them now and then.

ProBlogger – A post about using WP Database Backup plugin to keep back ups of your WordPress blog.

I am trying LastPass which was recommended in comments on the Procrastinating Writers blog post.

Set new passwords using StrongPasswordGenerator rather than coming up with something you come up with yourself.

Database Confusion

I feel I must find out more information about domains, databases and such written for the terminally stupid. I have a new domain which is hosted free with Hosting Matters. Nice deal, just pay once a year for the domain itself (it is added to my account where I pay to host Anyway, I am trying to set it up with a lifestream blog-like thing. But, I keep stumbling over databases and passwords and whatever else. I don’t know which are the right ones to use any more. There are some from the main domain, some from my installation of WordPress and some from other things which I have uninstalled. I kept them all in the same Notepad file. Maybe that was my first stupid mistake. Now I am confused. Luckily, Hosting Matters has very patient and understanding technical support. I will probably have it figured out by tomorrow and finally know which database is the one I should be using for everything. – login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration

I like that someone is protesting all this. I hate registering for sites. It’s a pain to login each time and I think most of them are just using it as an excuse to harvest email addresses (and all the other information they can get out of you). I seldom join sites any more, just cause I really hate registering for anything now. What’s the point when I just want to make one post to a forum and will likely never remember to come back again.