The New Potential of Documentary Film Making

Documentary film makers seem like the new bloggers, zine makers, and freestyle writers and publishers in general. I thought podcasts were the media with the most growth, freedom and potential. I am changing my mind as I look at the range of documentaries, in particular. Film making and documentaries are not new but there has been a lot of change since film went digital. For one thing, it’s pretty easy to use a camera you can keep in your pocket versus the video cameras you lugged around on your shoulder.

International Podcast Day

A day to celebrate the freedom of amateur radio online.

I have never tried a podcast of my own but, I have assisted with one. I’ve also been a fan of a podcast DJ. Sarah, who no longer does her podcast. I tried to interest my Aunt in taking her community TV show to a podcast, but I don’t think she wanted to start something new.


September 30, 2016 #PodcastDay

Podlove Podcast Publisher for WordPress

The popular blogging platform WordPress has proven to be also rather popular with podcasters. However, the system itself is not particularly made for podcasting and while some things are easy, other things are rather complicated and error-prone.

Therefore a variety of plugins want to improve on this and want to make life easier for podcasters. But all of them are tying too much into the conventions and workflows of WordPress that are not always doing what a podcaster needs.

The Podlove Podcast Publisher tries to solve the problem from the podcasters’ perspective and implements a variety of features and workflows that have been rather difficult to achieve with WordPress until now. The plugin makes the process easier by settling on a few common conventions to make publishing and maintaining podcast feeds a snap and highly reliable.

via –Podlove Podcast Publisher | Podlove.

Every time I think about doing a podcast I remember two things… how much I don’t like the sound of my own voice and how seldom I have time without interruption during at least half the year.

But, I’d still like to do a podcast. Your own online radio show, whether anyone listens or not. I’m quite good at pretending people are listening to me. I’m a long-time blogger after all.


A list of podcasting links I started collecting last year. Posting them today, just out of the blue. I thought I would get into podcasting (and I may yet) but I don’t seem to be heading that way right now.

For International Zine Month

I made a zine, once. I didn’t distribute it. So I’m the only one who knows about it. But, the process was fun. Before I had a computer I hand wrote the contents, doodled and cut and pasted the rest. Then put my pages together with a cover. It was about the paranormal and the unexplained. I don’t have it now. Sometime during many moves from one town to another city, it disappeared. I’d do it again. It was a great way to be free with my creativity.

July is International Zine Month  (Facebook) – Set up a zine reading, a zine swap, a cut and paste party, a zine fest, or even a simple zine workshop at your local library or community center. Write a letter to every zine you read, leave your zine at random places around town like buses, bathrooms or universities. Order zines directly from the creator, make a shirt with iron on letters that says “ask me about zines”, make buttons with phrases like “zines saved my life” or “do you read zines”. Send out zine fliers with your mail or leave them around your town. Approach shops in your town about carrying zines, donate to zine libraries…..


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Hear me Croak and Squeak on Live Radio, May 28th

On May 28th I will be on BlogTalkRadio with Bev Walton-Porter on her podcast/ online radio show called Elemental Musings.

What am I most worried about? My voice. I’m not sure how my voice actually sounds. People tell me it is nice, sometimes. I’ve been told everything from I have a nasal tone (what does that actually mean?) to I have a very soft and sexy voice. True, the last came from a boyfriend, but I prefer it over the nasal thing. Also, my voice sometimes seizes up and gets tight and strung out when I get tense. At times it disappears for the odd word here and there. If I can keep my voice from sounding like someone has just stepped on my foot or pulled out my nose hairs, I think I will be ok.

I can usually come up with something to talk about. I might write down a few things if I get worried about that as the day draws near. I’d like to talk about writing and success and what success is and how we feel we are lacking in success and the boldness to do more about it for ourselves. That’s my boat and I’m tired of such a sinking ship.

Anyway, online radio will be interesting. I have a lot to learn!

Want to hear the podcast? This is a link to it on BlogTalkRadio: Elemental Musings.