Which Online Personality Quiz are you Most Like?

Why do people like those online personality quizzes? What is the fascination?

Maybe it’s just curiousity. Seeing the road not taken or finding out what your answers to random questions say about you. Or at least what some stranger (who is possibly pretty odd themself) says about you.

Whatever the draw, online quizzes are leaping and growing in popularity. Quizilla was one of the biggest quiz sites. It’s just a mess now. But, I can remember when it was starting out and then later how fun it was before it was bought out and neglected. Blogthings seems to be the one that has kept going the longest. It’s not the site it once was either.

Many quizzes are geared to online dating. “What’s your flirting style?” “What movie sex goddess are you most like?” “What kind of cocktail would you be?” “What type of Beauty are you?”

Almost another half are geared to discovering your personality. “What’s your Inner Eye Color?” “Could you be depressed?” “Are you a geek or a freak?” “Are you a Woman or still a Girl?” “Which century are you most suited to?” “Do you really like your job?”

The rest I bunch into a random category of oddness. Like a junk drawer full of movie star posters, old birthday candles and other weird things only a very select group of people could ever really understand and appreciate. Have you ever seen a quiz like: “Which of my Friends are you Most Like?” Now you get the idea. What meaning does something like that really have for you? But, do you take that quiz anyway? Are you so hooked on online quizzes that you can’t pass up any of them?

Maybe you should branch out and try writing a quiz of your own. Plan a topic that suits you. Think of questions that are interesting yet will help to narrow down a focus to the category answers you plan. I think creating a quiz is quite a bit of work, planning and thought. Make the first one something flip that doesn’t matter. Keep it simple and make sure anyone taking the quiz understands this isn’t meant to change their life. Mainly, have fun with it yourself.

Try something along the lines of “Which lip gloss are you most like?” Pick flavours and make the questions pretty leading. What would you prefer to eat? lemons, chocolate, bubble gum… etc. At the end of the quiz your flavours would be lemon, chocolate, bubble gum and so on. Give a personality profile for each flavour. Lemon lovers are tart and active. Chocolate lovers are sweet and sensual. You get the idea… give it a try, just for fun.

Online Personality Quiz Sites for Fun

  • Queendom
    Free without registration but if you want to save results you need a login.
  • Quiz Stop
    Free but quite a lot of ads.
  • All the Tests
    Free and fun. Geared to young people.
  • OkCupid: Tests
    Free dating site, lots of quizzes but you need to register to use the site.
  • Personality Lab
    More interesting than just fun.
  • Quibblo
    Quizzes for fun, created by site users. Does not require a login unless you want to save your results.
  • Similiar Minds: Personality Tests
    Interesting, but not meant to be just for fun.
  • Your Personality
    A few of them, more on the serious side.
  • ColorQuiz.com
    One quiz about personality by colour.
  • Blog Things
    Free to use, no login required.
  • Quiz Rocket
    You can take the quiz but at the end you get nothing without registering for the site and giving personal information.


Selling Manuscripts

Originally posted to SuiteU, part of Suite101. SuiteU is being removed from the site. I wanted to save the ecourses so this resource would not disappear.

Selling Manuscripts

By Dawn Whitmire


You’ve just finished your manuscript or maybe you have the finish line in sight. Are you wondering what next? In between editing your book and preparing the query letter to your targeted agent or editor, there’s a step you must take….writing the synopsis.

If you’re like I was a few years back, your face is wrinkling right now and the dread is settling in. What if I were to tell you it didn’t have to be that way? What if I could show you a quick, precise way to write your synopsis and make it as enjoyable as writing the manuscript? What if I could make you look forward to your book’s ending just so you could get to the synopsis? Or maybe even help you to write the synopsis as you wrote the book. Continue reading Selling Manuscripts

WordPress Plugins for Writers

I got the idea to make a post about WordPress plugins for writers. I use a few which help me and thought I’d share them. But, I found something interesting when I started looking around to see what other writers like to use. Almost every plugin written about as being “for writers” was for SEO in blogging. Almost none of the plugins reviewed as “for writers” were about writing. Does anyone else think that’s kind of a sad reflection on writing?

Here are the plugins I use which help me with actual writing online (not blog promoting – but blog writing).

  • Custom About Author – Add your social media links and a blurb about yourself to the end of each of your posts.
  • Dashboard: Scheduled Posts – This adds a feature to your WordPress desktop where you can store and view posts you have marked as scheduled/ saved as drafts to be finished later. I use this a lot!
  • Sideblog WordPress Plugin – Run a side blog (in your sidebar) for short posts like quotes and notes.
  • Drop Caps – I used this for awhile but didn’t stick with it. Fun for awhile, but not essential. It does work and was simple to set up.

The following are plugins I have not used myself but they sound interesting. Some of them I will download and try.

  • NetBlog – Connect posts and external resources (websites, pdf, doc, data). Use Captions, Footnotes, Bibliography. Netblog is highly customizable.
  • WP-Typography – Improve your web typography with: hyphenation, space control, intelligent character replacement, and CSS hooks.
  • In-Series – I was thinking to use this to connect posts that I didn’t write as a series originally. I use related posts but this might be a way to hand-pick posts and turn them into a series.
  • Graceful Pull-Quotes – Allows you to make pull-quotes without duplicating content. If the plugin is disabled the pull-quotes disappear seamlessly.
  • Table of Contents Creator – Table of Contents Creator automatically generates a highly customizable dynamic site wide table of contents that is always up-to-date.
  • WP Table of Contents – Add a table of contents to your post. This would be lovely for people who write long posts.
  • Add to All – Add content to your header, footer, etc and keep it even if you change blog themes.
  • Front-end Editor – Edit your typos without going back into the Admin screen.
  • FD Word Statistics – Shows word and sentence counts plus a readability analysis of the post currently being edited using three different readability measurements.

Just for fun – not about writing.

  • Quiz – An alternative to word verification, give commenters a question to answer instead.

Dynamic WP: 11 Useful WordPress Plugins for Wrtiers – These may be useful but they are not free. Some of them I didn’t think were useful when I read down the list but I’m adding the link here as a resource.

Your Hogwarts Characteristic

This came from a quiz to find out which Hogwarts House you would have been into if you went to school with Harry Potter.

In a tight situation, which characteristic do you rely on most to get you out?





Which would you pick and why? Write about what this means to you and how your choice shows the person you are. How did you eliminate the other choices, narrow it down to just the one?

What You’ve Done or What you Want to Do?

When you first meet someone, you talk about:

  • What you’ve done in life
  • What you’d like to do in life

I read this as part of a personality quiz. How would you answer the question? I had to think about it for awhile.

Why do you think you talk about what you’ve done versus what you would like to do, or the other way around? Do we tend to talk about our accomplishments more than the things we dream or plan to be doing?

Could you write about someone who others see as someone who is always a dreamer? How could you show they are a dreamer compared to someone who is the practical sort? Would they dress differently? How would their day start differently? Small things can show a lot.

How Do You Hear What is Said?

A quiz I was reading asked:

Are you inclined to take what is said more figuratively or more literally?

I had to think about it. I’m still not sure. I think I am some of each but overall more on the literal side. I expect people to mean what they say and say what they mean. It must be the same reason I have never really enjoyed poetry, the meaning is not clear and simple enough for me.

What do you think?

Today is H for Hearing on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

What Drives You?

I did a personality quiz on BlogThings. Some of you will grimace in pain at just the mention of this site but… don’t take too many things as nonsense. You never know what you might learn or where an idea will come from. I found something that has made me think on a BlogThings quiz. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

The quiz is called: What Will Your Life be Like in Ten Years?

One question which came up as part of the quiz was –

You are driven by… (they don’t mean your man slave who chauffeurs you around all day)

  • Love
  • Work
  • Fun
  • Competition

Of those four options which would you pick?

I considered all four a few minutes. I had to, because of them I could rule out work, fun and competition. But, I could not rule out love and yet, that seemed far too romantic and pink and frilly for me. It was an interesting revelation. I think it is true. But, not love of any person, love of what I am doing, the things I care about and the things that interest me. Also the people in my life, my family. I’m not in love with anyone but I would have to say that I am driven by love. Which was an interesting thing and not something I would ever have said about myself.

What did you come up with? What drives you? Is it a surprise or have you always been driven this way?