Tales of the Epic Treehouse

For the A – Z Blogging Challenge… T is for Treehouse.

I used to design the treehouse for The Swiss Family Robinson in my head. A whole house with lots of cosy niches and nooks. I’d have a library for my books and even a bow window to sit in. Of course, I had a great view from that window. I could see the ocean from my library bow window.

I never had a real treehouse. But we did build snow forts after the snow plough went down the street in winter. The ditch was just deep enough for us to dig out a fort from the piled up snow. Later it became another of those dangerous things they warn parents about like using car seats and all that other stuff no one put a lot of thought into until years later.

Come up with a plan for a treehouse or snow fort of your own. Something very elaborate. Could you build a story around it? Make it your own island castaway tale or end of the world survivor epic. Something good and fun to write.

Just for the Canadians… do you remember The Swiss Family Robinson on TV in the 1970’s?

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