The Decadent Leisurely Hostess Brunch Basket

I was reading an old copy of Chatelaine, a Canadian women’s magazine. I found a little blurb about giving the hostess of a party you attend a gift basket  which she can use the morning after the party to have herself (and family) a decadent brunch (or breakfast if there are children, to be realistic).  Chatelaine suggests you “tuck in some tea and muffins, jam and berries, plus bubbly for wake-up mimosas. I think the idea is lovely, yet lacking in some practicality. Think of the women you know. Most would find it hard to have a leisurely brunch the morning after hosting a dinner party.  I would be able to do the decadent, leisurely brunch… but I’m single and wouldn’t have been hosting a dinner party anyway. (Not that I don’t think it would be fun, I have a romantic, perfect ideal of the whole thing in my head).

What would you pack for the hostess in her decadent brunch basket? What would be both practical and decadent and not require much cooking, time and mess to make? Be creative and yet keep grounded in reality.

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