The Forever Login with WordPress

I don’t like logging into my own WordPress sites over and over again. I really don’t like being logged out when I’ve been logged in for hours, or was just logged in a few hours ago, or yesterday. Ideally, WordPress core or JetPack, would refresh the login each time you log in. Instead it is set at every 14 days (so I’ve read).

Out of irritation with the system, I have found a list of plugins which can (I’m only picking one to try so I won’t guarantee them all) keep you logged in. Or, at least let you choose when you are logged out. Some of these plugins are geared for site users, which means anyone registered for your site.

Remember Me – The focus is on keeping the “remember me” option checked, without leaving it for users to… remember to do. There are no screenshots for this plugin and it was adopted by another developer fairly recently. So, I’m not sure this is entirely reliable or just what I want. However, it does have the most recent update.

Remember Me Controls – This is the plugin I’m going to use. It’s simple and leaves me the option to set it or leave things as they are. The plugin developer has a lot of other plugins. There is a screenshot so I know what to expect when I activate the plugin. Overall, it looks like it will work and if I do have a plugin clash or some other problem, the developer is available and seems experienced.

WordPress Persistent Login – This one I’m not sure about trying because there is no set up. Seems there should be something more to it than that. But, it does say the login will not expire at all (unless users choose to actually log out).

Older Plugins – Over one year since last updated.

configure-login-timeout – Another old plugin but this one lets you set the time period for the standard or “remember me” login.

WP Keep Me Logged In – The oldest of the plugins. Will keep you logged in for one year.

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