The Neverending Blog Post

One thing about blogging that haunts me is the last post. If I were to be hit by a meteorite while crossing the street today, this would likely be my last blog post. The last thing I will have said to the world. I’d hope whatever my last post would turn out to be that it would be somewhat memorable, somewhat wise, somewhat silly, somewhat sarcastic and eccentric but in a good way. Wouldn’t it be a real shame to leave the world with a bland kind of post you stuck in just because you were tired and wanted to get the damned thing done already?

If only you had waited that few minutes more and written a better post. The meteorite would have splattered someone else all over the pavement. And, you would have left the world with something better to read.

Make some notes for your last ever blog post, write it up and then schedule it to appear on your own personal day after. You may need to become psychic for that last part.

14 thoughts on “The Neverending Blog Post”

  1. It would depend if you’re pessimistic or optimistic. You could leave the world a better place or tell the whole lot of them to piss off one final time. lol

  2. In many ways there is always a better post, be it your first or last post people would more than likely see all posts as a collective of that person over and above the last / any one post, but the thought of a final post is interesting and makes you think about what it is you would write.

  3. Neat idea Laura. I guess I could schedule the post for this time next month. Then if I’m still about, I could reschedule it for the following month. Genius 🙂 Now what should I write for my last ever post?

  4. As an eternal optimist I am not too worried about meteorites, Superman will arrive in time. When the day comes the world will just have to live with my last post immaterial of what it is, I just hope it hasn’t got too many typos and spelling mistakes in it.

  5. But what if I am really bland? What if I don’t have a better post in me, because all I write are bland, everyday occurrences. I might even be successful at being bland! The blog people read just as they are winding down for the night, just a few lines to fill in while they drink the last dregs of cocoa.

  6. That is definitely an interesting idea.. its the whole idea of LIVE TODAY LIKE IT WILL BE YOUR LAST.. Theres a great song by Alkaline Trio that i just LOVE.. it’s called I’m Dyinging Tomorrow..

  7. I just know my last ever post will be something silly. My ghost will then have to haunt my blog and tell everyone to read the post just before that, the good post I wrote the day before my last day.

    I’m optimistic but I have seen how much fate likes irony and twisted satire.

  8. That would actually be cathartic, writing about all the people and things that irritate me, and knowing that they would actually see it some day (after I was dead). Maybe they’d feel guilty and change their ways.

    However, I’d be afraid that I’d write something really honest with the intention that I wouldn’t have to see certain people again, I’d schedule it out, and then forget about it. Then I wake up the next morning and have to deal with all the people I pissed off.

  9. Strangely this is something I’ve been thinking about recently, brought on by the sudden and tragic death of a blog friend of mine. In her case, her sister had access to the blog and told us, her readers, what had happened. If she hadn’t, we’d never have known whether she’d just given up blogging, or what was in fact the awful truth.

  10. I can really relate to this, Laura. My current most recent post is, well weak. I had written a much better post but then my database got corrupted just as I was saving the completed draft. my techie guru got the blog right back up and running, but my post was toast and I can NEVER write something a second time nearly as good as the first if I don’t have a copy of that first draft

  11. Photos are just like this too. You can never choose what photo of you will sit on someone’s fireplace thirty years after you’ve gone.

    We should put these things in our wills. This blog post, this photo, these undies in the casket please.

  12. That’s actually a very cool idea. I have something similar in a folder for my family. I keep it updated about once every 6 months. That would be a good time to make the post for, except that I wouldn’t be here to pay the bills, so the site would be gone. Hmmm. Guess each month will have to do. 😉 I’ll use RTM to make sure I edit the date.

  13. I have to say I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, probably an age thing!
    Neverthless, what Saphrym is doing is a great idea. What about all the internet banking passwords and financial sites one has passwords for which will be needed after the final day comes along, however that is. I keep all mine in a word doc also with a password and ensure that its easily found if something happens. Can we think of something else now please.

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