The Passion to Publish Your Own Words

Do you have the passion to publish your own words? I really like this quote, below, from the site of David J. Richardson and his guide to creating, publishing your own fanzine (zine for short).

First off, be very very sure you want to produce your ‘zine. It can be a very thankless arduous task, especially when you’ve got set publication dates. The need for passion was probably best stated in the 1996 British Doctor Who fanzine November Spawned a Monster, where they said:

If you feel keenly interested enough in any subject to bother spending your precious hours compiling a magazine only a very small number of people will read, then you must care passionately about your subject. You should, surely to God, actually have something of your own to say about it. There’s no merit in being dispassionate. That’s what all the professional magazine and books are required to do. You don’t have to do anything. It’s yours. It’s blank paper until you scribble on it. If all you’re writing is ‘William Hartnell, ‘1963-1966’ then why the dayglo purple fuck are you wasting everyone’s time?

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