The Women of WordPress

This is a list of women involved in developing, promoting or designing with WordPress blog software. If you should be on the list and are not, let me know. These are more than web designers, they develop software/ scripts to run with WordPress, they write guides for WordPress users and they promote the WordPress community.

Added later:
WP Chick – Kim Doyal

8 thoughts on “The Women of WordPress”

  1. Hi Laura,

    My name is Judi Knight and I would love to be on the Women of WordPress list. I am a WordPress junkie. I have a business, New Tricks, that build sites for small businesses, exclusively in WordPress. I also coordinate the Atlanta WordPress Users Meetup Group. We now have almost 550 members. I hold well attended meetings and training sessions for this Meetup on a monthly basis. I also have spoken at, sponsored or attended a bunch of WordCamps. I wear a WordPress button on my pajamas. I am sure that there is more…..

  2. Judi – I had looked at you when I was making the list. I didn’t see a link to your WP group. I was trying to stay away from web designers cause there are lots of them who could be included if that was my plan.

    Jacqui – I’ve got my ASCII art up online. The HTML code for displaying it is broken now, needs an update. One more thing on my to-do list.

  3. You might look at “Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes” too. It has a few authors but one on the list is Raena Jackson Armitage. That was the book that gave me the idea to make the Women of WordPress list. I’m reading that book now and will give it a review when I am finished.

  4. Thanks for the inclusion in your list, Laura. I always hear people say that there needs to be more women involved in WordPress – – but there are tons. We’re not as much of a minority as you’d think 🙂

    I, of course, love the pink on your site.


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