Too Far Past No Return

I’ve never watched Whale Wars before. It’s about anti whalers as they try to prevent whaling ships from taking their catch home to be sold/ eaten. Although I don’t agree with whale catching I do wonder at the point of saving a whale already dead.

Also, today I watched one of the whaling ships turn on a smaller boat and ram it. No one was really hurt but the boat is now slowly sinking. The anti whaling protestors are up in arms about the whole thing. Cursing the bigger ship and it’s crew. It seems a bit silly and unfair. How is it ok for the protesters to hassle and cause harm to the whaling ships (they twice tried to scuttle another ship) and yet it is a big deal when things are turned around onto their own ship and crew?

Very often the people who protest and complain the loudest are also those the most surprised and angry when things are turned around back onto themselves. The harpoon/ whaling ship stopped after the crash. They offered to send out a boat to help, but the protestors were sure they were going to cause violence rather than help. To me this just seemed their own attitude biting them in the butt, yet again.

The protestors have another ship which has picked up the people from the sinking boat. They are going to lose the smaller boat however. It is going to be left to sink into the Antarctic ocean, causing pollution, but they don’t feel able to tow the floating wreck for some reason.

I’ve seen other protests over abortion and animal rights become very one sided, judgmental and self righteous. One of the anti whaling people says their mission is to harrass and eventually bankrupt the whalers by any means necessary. Then he complains about them using the very same tactics. It’s as if he can not hear himself.

How far is too far? Consider a cause you care about, how far would you go to bring about a change or give support to the cause? What would your limits be and what would be over the limit? Would you lie to show your cause in a better light? Would you steal or cheat? Would you put your life at risk?

Describe a character (of your creation) who chooses his or her cause over his or her own life. What would that person be life, how would they dress, walk, talk and treat other people? Ignore the why of them – the tragic past that brought about their passion for the case – show the results of their passion, their drive and their single mindedness.

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