Traits of the Irresistible Man

From YourTango: 7 Traits of Irresistible Men:

  1. He Has Mastered The Wink.
  2. He Radiates Calm.
  3. He Takes Care Of Himself.
  4. He’s Got Style.
  5. He Has A Manly Scent.
  6. He Is Affectionate.
  7. He Laughs Loud, Hard, Often.

I don’t agree with the last one. Yes, a good manly laugh is nice. But, not too often. He should be a man, not a fool or a hyena.

A good wink is very, very nice. Twinkling eyes are super nice too. A man who is calm, or at least doesn’t fly off the handle at small stuff is sexy. That element of power and control over himself are hard to resist.

Men who look like they can do their own laundry and wash behind their ears, yes that’s sensible and maybe taken for granted. Style is good, shows an advanced level of taking car of himself. Not necessarily a metrosexual but a guy who can dress himself and it shows. Maybe he has fashion sense beyond the white shoes and belt, or not, but he wears it well. A scent is very sexy. Though tricky to pick one that works for him and doesn’t cause allergies in those around him.

Affectionate is nice, in some moderation. The strong, silent type is still sexy too but it is nice if he reaches out for your hand and keeps it as you walk along the street. A little romance is always a good thing.

So what is the point of thinking about an irresistible man? Character writing. When you think about a male character from a book, the sort of character you found sexy, irresistible, and arousing, what were the things about him that made you want to read more? Make a list and see if you can write an irresistible male of your own.

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