Unplugging/ Digital Sabbatical as a Writing Technique

Has your writing lost it’s lustre? Have you stalled out somewhere in the middle or has your newest idea flat lined before you really started?


Have you been feeling kind of bored with the Internet? Are you missing the way you felt when you started online, discoveries and adventures just around every corner? If you stay offline do you miss it or do you crave it, unable to keep away for even one day?

You’ve landed in a rut. Bleh, as my niece would say. You may even be procrastinating, getting sucked into checking email and playing online games instead of accomplishing anything from your to-do list.

Take a digital sabbatical. Taking a break from it all is a great way to give yourself fresh perspective. By taking a few steps back you can see the bigger picture. It’s quite possible a digital sabbatical will change your life, or at least give you something new to talk about when you get back.

How far can you go? A weekend getaway, a stay-cation or just a few hours of leaving the computer and cell phone off?

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