What do you Think About Gratuity Free?


The image comes from a restaurant owner in Brooklyn, NY, US.  The idea is older. Tips for service aren’t a new idea but the feeling that a tip is owed for service is still fairly new. I don’t like a tip being expected and I really don’t like (and won’t return to) places which automatically include the tip on the bill. Tips began as appreciation for good service. A way to show gratitude. When tips become expected they lose that meaning. I strongly feel I am not offering to pay anyone’s wages each time I use a service. The business owner is responsible for the wages for their employees, not me as the customer or client.

How do you feel about tipping and a restaurant which bans tipping?

In Canada, a restaurant tried to go gratuity free but customers did not like it. The restaurant went back to the old way of paying staff less due to expected gratuities/ tips from customers.

Would you tip for poor service? I know people will do so. Tipping is so expected that people fear a backlash if they don’t tip and tip well, no matter what kind of service they get. Gratuities has become a very socialist thing – everyone gets paid whether they work or not. Funny how turned around the concept of leaving a gratuity has gotten.

I worked as a cashier for years and did not get tipped. The only difference was in the wages paid to a cashier versus a waitress/ waiter. The job itself is quite similar. If wages were paid – which was the idea of having a minimum wage – the service people would be making the same money. Tips extra. Would you tip all the service people, cashiers included? Or do you tip out of obligation to pay wages to restaurant staff?

If you haven’t guessed… I only leave a small tip. I used to leave none, unless I really wanted to. Peer pressure about tipping got to me though and now I almost always leave a tip. I begrudge leaving a tip for average, standard service. As a customer and someone who has worked in the service industry it feels very unfair for restaurant staff to expect customers to pay them and for businesses to be not pay them the minimum wage due to expected tips.

I do not tip for poor service. I may or may not complain about poor service but I will not thank them for it.

2 thoughts on “What do you Think About Gratuity Free?”

  1. I like this subject and agree.
    i the subject is a little different in |Canada and the U.S. of A.
    I have spent the past 16 winters down there in the south. wages for servers seem to be $3.00 or $4.00 per hour. tips becoming not just expected but really needed.
    the interesting thing i have found is that in the U.S.. each establishment has lots of servers, maybe sometimes more than necessary and they all seem happy and cheery talking with one another.
    The turnover may be quite great, I do not know that so much although I have seen places and been to places where the servers remain for along time and so their tip base goes up considerably as well

    the tip rate this year went from 18% which is quite high I think to now 20% not just for a larger group but anyone

    Wages for servers are higher in Canada and therefor most establishments do not have enough servers. this can result in less tips for all

    Tiping like many things today I do believe has got out of hand.
    would be nice to think that one offered a tip with the meal, because,
    because service was good, or
    because you liked the person or
    some particular reason that you chose to tip

    Is how it is and most likely not going to change

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