What’s Your Awesome Thing Today?

I noticed ‘The Book of Awesome’ at the store over the weekend. I didn’t have anything handy to write down the site so I stuck it in my head and hoped I’d remember to visit it. After a couple of days, I did! My awesome thing today is my brain. It keeps my head from imploding and making a mess on the floor.

What is your awesome thing for today? Could you come up with a list of 1000 Awesome Things?

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Awesome Thing Today?”

  1. Laura, your writing is fresh, witty, colorful, well researched and original. I do not notice anywhere that you are profiling your availability for freelancing work so I am sending you some sites such as freelancewriting.com, jobs.problogger.net,craigslist.org and jobs.freelanceswitch.com. Sometimes we simply need to ask for what we want.

  2. Hi Susan. I have most of those freelancing sites listed in my blogroll. I don’t find much there for Canadian writers, other than the freebie (or nearly freebie) type of work. I start another ‘real’ job at the end of this month. So I will be busy enough and have money to work with. I enjoy writing for friends online like Deanna at Inherited Values and U3. Also, I want to get back to doing more drawing/ illustrating again.

  3. The simple things in life have always been the greatest source of pleasure for most of us. Unfortunately, we often take them for granted until they are not there or even worse we see them as unimportant in our lives because we are so busy chasing after the big stuff.

    I can spend all day worrying about the financial markets around the world at work..but the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure is that no matter how good or bad my day was my little girl will always greet me with a big smile when I get home.

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