1,000 Comments Challenge

Can you leave 1,000 comments this month? Though the button says leave me comments it is actually myself who will be leaving the comments, 1,000 of them over the month of March.

Sign up on the blog, Harriet and Friends.

The only downside is keeping track of how many comments you make. If you know of a way to track them leave a note in the comments here. I can’t think of anything at the moment, other than the old fashioned taking a tally as you go along. I spent the day (a lot of it) looking for some kind of plugin or widget to track/ tally comments. But nothing was what I wanted. A couple that would have been good, did not work when I tried them out. So I am doing it by keeping tally on a piece of paper, hoping I don’t lose that in the clutter on my desk.

Happy commenting. Thank you to all those who come through to comment here as well.

12 thoughts on “1,000 Comments Challenge

  1. Thank you for your comment at my site.
    It’s fine you’re so good at punctuation. It’s always a happy event to deal with perfect people.

    I hope you can write my language 1% as good as I wrote your language.
    English is not my first language.

    Well, that’s one comment more towards your 1000 comments.
    What a nice way to reach that amount.

    Thank you.
    .-= ava´s last blog ..Topdroppers of february =-.

  2. Using capital letters to start a title isn’t hard in any language. I think it’s pretty standard around the world. Glad I could give you the chance to rant at someone. Thanks for the spew.

  3. Further to Ava (posted to her blog):

    Dear Ava,

    I’m Canadian. I spent years in school learning French, writing and speaking it. I also lived in a Spanish speaking country for several months and picked up some of that language too. I don’t know what language you speak. However, I have yet to see a language where using capital letters in titles and proofreading for your own typos was as dramatic as you make it out to be. Don’t use a second language as an excuse for sloppy writing. The typos I caught were words you had spelled right in other places. You may post to my blog again, if you can learn to have some respect for people who have taken some time to give constructive feedback to you. If you can’t handle that I will not post any future comments from you.

  4. Keep tracing is also my worries, I’m thinking,maybe before I go to bed every night,I wrote down in a post-it how many comments I did each day. lol!
    Good luck to us!
    .-= Willa´s last blog ..NBC Did It Again! =-.

  5. I’m doing this, too… I can NOT imagine 1000!?!?!? Is Harriet crazy! I don’t think that many people love me!! Consider this another one for you, girl!! LOVE YOUR BLOG… am soo excited you visited mine! I’ll be back, for sure!
    Hugs, Kat

  6. It is comments that I leave myself that have to tally up to 1,000. Not those left here. Thanks for them all.

    I think it is a great challenge as it will have people looking at new blogs and leaving a hello as they go.

    Thanks for the feedback Kat. 🙂

  7. A thousand comments is tough. That’s over 30 comments per day. Doable, but I would spend my whole day blogging instead of doing something else.

    Of course, it depends what you idea of a comment is: mine is something related to the post rather than just dropping by and saying, “Hey, nice blog”
    .-= richard´s last blog ..I hate that first post following a long absence =-.

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