7 WordPress Plugins I Don’t Really Need but Must Have Anyway

WordPress plugins that I love but don’t really need. (Why limit yourself to plugins you need?)

  • Drop Caps Plugin – Add a drop cap to the first letter of each blog post. (Makes me think of fairy tale books of old).
  • Personal Favicon – I had wanted an icon for awhile but could not find something to make it appear faithfully. Now I do. It’s cosmetic but a nice touch.
  • Sideblog – Possibly my favourite and most used of them all! Have a mini bog within your blog. I use it for quick notes, sticky notes or just call them extra bits of stuff.
  • Tagline Rotator Plugin – You can have a tagline to go with your blog title. This plugin lets you set up a bunch of them and have them rotate. I’m using several taglines and add more when I think of something good.
  • WP Lifestream – Another miniblog idea but more like links and commentary. You just add the code and don’t have to post to this one, it comes in as a feed from sites you use: StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc.
  • Tumblr Widget – The sweetest miniblog I have found. This plugin lets me have my posts to Tumblr appear in the sidebar of my  blog.
  • WP Change Template – The newest and not yet fully given a trial run. Lets you set a timer on your WP themes. For instance, when you want one to run the week of Halloween and then go back to your regularly scheduled theme.

6 thoughts on “7 WordPress Plugins I Don’t Really Need but Must Have Anyway

  1. Awesome article Laura. I like the WordPress CAP plug-in I never knew they made a plug-in like that one. I’m so used to using the default drop cap from Thesis.

  2. I can’t pick which would be my favourite of them.

    I didn’t know Thesis had a drop cap option. I haven’t had it very long and didn’t look around much at it yet.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Thanks so much for including my Tagline Rotator plugin!

    I’m gonna try the Drop Cap one now–it’s the very definition of something I didn’t know I needed until I just saw it 🙂

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