A Small Change to What Did or Did Not Happen

Small things happen all the time. Even if you stay home all day, talk to no one and do nothing but listen to the radio and wash the dishes while getting the laundry caught up… small things happen.

Pick some small happening. An event so trivial you wouldn’t even call it an event in your day to day life. Something like dropping a quarter when you put change in the machine (for what ever machine it happens to be).

Now, how does that one small thing change your whole life? What did or did not happen due to one small thing that did happen?  One small change can cause bigger changes, or none at all (as far as we know). But, what if it did?

You don’t need to believe in fate for this. You know how something small can throw off your day, make you late, make you angry, make you have to go home and change your clothes…

What’s your story?

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